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    🥚 EggWars Update! - Favourite items, Maps, Generator Skins, QoL, Tweaks & More!

    Hello CubeCrafters! We've just updated our biggest game on our network, EggWars! - We've made changes to our Bedrock EggWars rank which adds new exclusive cosmetics including generator skins. We've also added so many new maps for both networks, and we've added new game features, tweaks, map...
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    🌞 Summer Sale & Parkour Update - New difficulty now available!

    Hello CubeCrafters, Last month we released an epic Parkour update to our networks, keeping Java Parkour fresh and introducing the new gamemode to our Bedrock network! - We've noticed that you love to play Parkour, but sometimes it can be a little difficult. So that's why we've made a new...
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    🏃🥳 Parkour Update - Bedrock Edition, New levels & Level Modifiers!

    It's time for Parkour to get some love, and we know that you guys adore our parkour gamemode and love trying to get our gold medal times. In this update, we've added new levels & maps, introduced level modifiers, competitive parkour is returning, and all of this and more is now available on...
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    Minerware Update: NEW MICROGAMES!

    [CENTER] Good day CubeCrafters! Today sees the release of our latest Minerware update, with new games, new achievements, new maps, and more! Get ready to tackle new challenges alongside some of your favourites, on both our new maps, and specially updated current maps. 6 NEW MICROGAMES We've...
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