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Meet the Rainbow people


Aouli enjoys his time free time surfing in the clouds, other times you can find him having adventures with his sister Kalani.


Cornelia and her brother Cornelius grew up chasing rainbows, they never thought they'd be able to reach for the clouds like they do now. She is constantly looking out for her brother, making sure he doesn’t get into trouble.


Mr DJ has an upbeat personality, he puts the note in block. He’s compassionate for both his music and his friends. When in combat he swings his sword to the rhythm and wait until you hear the drop.


Fiona is constantly playing tricks on the towns people. From stealing their gold to hiding their gold. But, who could hate that adorable face.


Ginger may be able to draw you in with his bright appearance. Be careful of his fiery and strong personality. Rose and Ginger are a close pair and are always in company with each other.


Helios is a cheerful soul who always knows how to brighten up anyone’s day. Always watching over everyone he is known as the wisest in the village.


Oliver is the village painter, he paints dark mysterious pictures as gifts for people. Although he spends his time alone painting, he is renowned across the land and praised for his artistic talents.


Jade is self-conscious girl who works at the local bakery and loves to make people happy. She achieves this by following her dreams and baking the best cakes in the land!


Jasper is always trying to impress Opal, By picking roses of every color in hopes of getting her attention. Jasper is an energetic fellow with only the best in mind for others.


Kalani enjoys sitting out in the sun and playing with the younger kids in the village. Kalani has a bright personality that improves everyones day. Spending her time on the beach Kalani thinks about all the possibilities this world has to offer.


Opal is a breezy girl who just wants to explore the world. She is very passionate about creating and painting.


The fastest magical creature in the land. Bolt enjoys her time soaring through the clouds. She enjoys time with Opal and Jasper, especially when they brush out her long colorful hair.


Rainbow enjoys his time running around in fields and picking flowers. He loves to play hopscotch and even jump rope! Just don’t scare him, he might double (rainbow) over in fear.


Rose is the local florist, she enjoys gifting flowers to everyone in town. Rose is compassionate about everyone and enjoys seeing people smile. Her flowers have even made Storm happy.


Saffron is the smartest in the land, he spends his free time reading up on science books and new discoveries over the land. He’s always happy to lend a helping hand when someone doesn’t understand something.


Sapphire enjoys her time strolling along the beach. She enjoys striking up a conversation as her voice is as gentle as the sea.


Storm isn’t the most confident cloud, he has deep empathy and compassion for others troubles. He can’t control himself and often lets out a storm of emotions. Always crying, he sabotages his bright personality everyone knows he has.


Lucky is known as the forgetful boy, not only does he lose every item he owns he has lost his pot of gold for quite some time. The golden boy Lucky has survived numerous adventures with his mischievous companion Fiona. Nobody can stop these two when they’re together!


Cornelia and her brother, Cornelius grew up chasing rainbows, they never thought they'd be able to reach for the clouds like they do now. She is constantly looking out for her brother, making sure he doesn’t get into trouble. As innocent as he looks, he’s a mischievous troublemaker.


Indigo enjoys hanging out with the guys, she might be hard headed but is always there for someone who needs it. Indigo expresses herself through her music and always has her guitar on her.


Sky tends to be reckless and just goes with the flow of the wind. He's always happy thus cannot contain his bright emotions and lets them out in his own special way.

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