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Join the party with these music themed skins!


Beat-hoven is dedicated to his work in classical music, risking everything to play captivating and dramatic performances to wow the crowd.

Disco Dave

Disco Dave enjoys jamming out into dance, showcasing the freshest moves for his friends to see and he’s not afraid to break a sweat.


Lulu is all around perky, and bubbly. She’s constantly smiling, taking the time to waste a moment and enjoy life. Singing alongside her brother Justin they make the perfect duet.


Justin sings alongside his sister, they are the travelling duo that swept the nation. They became pop sensations overnight from their goofy singing videos online.


Kat is a punk superstar. She enjoys being who she is and doesn’t need acceptance to be proud of herself.


Luci spends her night enjoying loud crazy parties. She enjoys social events and is friendly towards anyone and everyone she meets.


Bruno is bright, boisterous raver. He is the life of any party breakdancing at any opportunity he gets.


Alice may seem tough on the outside, but on the inside she is a friendly outgoing person. She loves to rock out playing epic drum solos.


Axel stays up rocking all night, but can still get up in the morning and handle business. He is a jack of all traits when it comes to instruments, but really rocks out with his electric guitar.

Jolene Hay

Jolene is a hard headed person, her musical talent can sure get her out of a fiddle. She spends most her time playing her music to her horses rather than people.

Yodel McCoy

Yodel enjoys the outdoors and fishing for the biggest catch. He draws them out by playing his Banjo and baiting them with his Yodelling.

Dark Destiny

Although people think Dark Destiny is violent due to his cold exterior, he enjoys helping people through his music. His flawless voice has made him a metal sensation.


Ava enjoys relaxing and jamming out to her music, whether it’s while walking her dog or drawing she always finds time to listen. She’s the typical teenager who loves to sing in the shower and not care who hears it.


Troy tends to isolate himself and picks his music over socialising. He shows his bright personality by participating in competitive dance battles

Rapper Rhymes

Rapper Rhymes will bust into rhyme at any moment. He spits his lyrics faster than a mini zombie with a speed potion.


Maz, much like her hair, has a colourful personality. She is an outcast but loves to rock out to her music. She shares her creative talent through her concerts and art.

Smooth Thief

Smooth Thief enjoys busting a move for any occasion and joining in with his friends for the fun. His stylish outfit follows one of his favorite artists that he aspires to be like.


Speaker is always ready for a party, anytime and anyplace. He brings the sickest beats to the dance floor. Also he can talk a lot… almost like he’s a public speaker.

Piano Pete

Piano Pete enjoys having his buttons pushed, unlike most people. He’s glad to play a tune for his friends whenever they ask and is proud of his talents.

Dr Block

Dr Block has an upbeat personality, he puts the note in block. It isn’t a party without Dr Block. He will cure your boredom with the freshest and hottest tracks. Also he makes pretty good headphones.

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