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Which side will you join? Heroes or Villains?

Major Pain

Major Pain is a supersoldier created in a lab by Dr. Destructo, a villainous scientist with a sweet tooth for mayhem. His cybernetic enhancements make him one of the deadliest weapons on Earth. He can identify any criminal within a mile using his cyber-eye, making him an asset to the force of heroes... when he decides to play by the rules.

Wild Thing

Blessed by the Hindu goddess of victory, Durga, Wild Thing’s otherworldly powers aid him in his quest to defeat evil wherever it may be. He gained night vision, superhuman strength and hearing, and is able to cut down foes with his razor-sharp claws.


This shockingly stylish woman has tremendous power which she can’t quite control yet. Her powers evolved from her mysterious disappearance during a huge thunderstorm. She was reborn travelling through any source of electricity, making her extremely versatile. She can summon a thunderstorm whenever she wants to create distractions or a shockingly impressive entrance.

Flash Flame

A successful jazz and soul singer, Flame Flash discovered his powers after a freak pyrotechnic accident at one of his concerts. Now he can heat up a dance hall with more than just his sweet tunes!

Scar Face

A powerful crime-lord of the underworld, Scar Face enjoyed a life of wealth and success; that is, until his deeds came back to haunt him. Left brutally disfigured, he now wears a mask to hide the shameful scars that cover his face. Shunned by the world, he continues his nefarious acts, merciless to any who would dare oppose him.

Father Time

Once a promising young physicist, Father Time discovered the long-coveted secret to time travel. Harnessing this extreme power, his desires turned from the pursuit of knowledge to an unending thirst for power. He can turn back time, freeze objects in place, slow down or speed up the flow of time, and even reverse death itself.


Wingnut was a flying ace and a top dogfighter back in the great war, but now in more peaceful times, he takes to the skies to thwart evildoers and fight crime. He’s a master at aviation, and as crazy as he is brave.

Pyro Pete

Meet Pyro Pete, mild-mannered firefighter by day, flame-flinging superhero by night. Pyro Pete has complete control over flames, able to conjure or disperse them in an instant. His flames are hot enough to melt metal and make any evildoer’s nefarious plans go up in smoke.

Hydro Helen

One of the last Atlanteans, Hydro Helen was raised under the sea amongst the algae and coral. She can communicate with aquatic creatures, command powerful riptides, and even summon hurricanes!


Solarflare was just your average TV meteorologist when she was struck by an aberrant ray of sunshine, imbuing her with all the powers of the sun! She can light up a cloudy day, use pure sunshine to grow plants and start fires, and give her foes a nasty case of sunburn!


Untangle has always been a strange girl, preferring the company of plants to people. Her deep-rooted connections to Mother Earth have given her the ability to communicate and command plantlife, grow flowers and vines, and turn her skin to rough bark.

Sub Zero

SubZero is quite the young rebellious type. Even though he is truly warm hearted, his wintery magic gets him into all sorts of mischief. He has total control over all things wintery, able to summon snowmen, frigid winds, and even transform himself into ice!

Doctor Destructo

This bizarre psychotic Doctor is best known for his destructive behaviour and mad experiments. Always armed with an arsenal of potions which makes him an extremely lethal individual. Be careful when facing this villainous character or you could become his latest experiment.


Morticia is the young daughter of the Grim Reaper himself. Disgusted by her human half, she wields all of the deathly powers of her father in an unyielding crusade to rid the planet of the human race she so greatly despises.

General Malice

General Malice is the brutal warlord and dictator of a far-off land. He totes a mechanical fist capable of toppling buildings and turning metal to mush with a single punch.


Dryad was abandoned as a baby in a mystical forest, adopted by fairies and taught to love nature. Her adoptive parents educated her in the ways of nature magic, giving her the power to transform any living thing however she sees fit. She can transform herself into a mighty bear, or even turn her foes into harmless flowers.


Little is known about the organism called Symbiote, only that its origins are from beyond the stars and its intentions are anything but benign. Once Symbiote has selected a victim, it’s only a matter of time before they’re converted. What does this mean? No one who has experienced it has survived to tell.

Mr Black

Snarkily Moneybags is a devious sort of rapscallion, a well-dressed ne'er do well of the utmost despicableness. He made his fortune by stealing candy from babies, then paying school children in stolen candy to steal more candy from more babies, thus creating an infinite wealth of stolen candy and upset babies.

Which side will you choose?

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