Frolic frivolously through the fanciful, flavourful Food Fest!

Welcome to our most delicious creation on the marketplace yet. Consider yourself a culinary connoisseur? Fancy yourself a foodie? Then prepare yourself for this unparalleled comestible wonderland of food, fun, and flavour!

We hope you’ve polished your cutlery and packed an extra bib, because this map has a lot more to offer than just eye candy. Lurking beneath the lovely view of the picnic table lies surprises and adventures untold. Indescribable horrors await you in the deep, dark caverns below. Could it be picnic ants? Subterranean food thieves? A sentient race of potato-people? Sprinkled underneath the ground are custom dungeons full of harrowing obstacles and terrible creatures. Perhaps they’ll be better covered in barbecue sauce?

Hidden Chests
Varieties of food


The Chill Zone

Brrrr-ace yourself it’s cold up here. Welcome to the world’s biggest fridge you’ll ever see, it contains the fiercest food mutations along with some epic loot!


Vegetable Garden

As you journey through this vast land of vegetables you will see broccoli trees, a bounty of carrots, tomatoes and so much more. Remember if you want to grow up big and strong, eat your greens!


Cheese Pyramids & Spaghetti Tornado

Across this desert you will find a devastating Spaghetti Tornado, don’t be upsetti bravely venture into the spaghetti, perhaps you will be rewarded! This vast desert is home to Food Fest's famous Cheese Pyramids, it’s great for selfies, say CHEEEEESE!


Candy Cove

Once part of the famous Candy Kingdom, this vibrant sugar coated land is home to many delightful treats. If you’ve played Candy Kingdom it'll be a cake walk to conquer this land and obtain the sweetest loot.


The Kitchen

Enter the place where it all began. Travel across the manic Kitchen floor. Discover the porky surprises deep in the oven and bring home the bacon!



A very good place to start! Take the plunge from your high starting point and soar over the Food Fest!

Have a look around Food Fest

Here are a few teaser images. Feel free to explore!

Available now.

Available on Minecraft for iOS, Android, Windows 10,
Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.