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Meet the people of Candy Kingdom


This is the most creative gingerbread man in all of the Kingdom. He is the master builder of the Gumdrop Village and the infamous Ice Cream Castle. Beware of his fierce side... don’t touch his buttons.

Cookie Sandwich

This cookie has a hard exterior, but she’s a real softie on the inside. You will never find a more gentle cookie.

Bubblegum Girl

Bubble is shy and hides herself inside her bubblegum helmet. Although she’s shy, don’t pop her bubble or you’ll see some hard candy.

Ice Cream

This crazy character is known for his unpredictable behaviour. Will he be the hero or coward?

Candy Corn

This comedic girl is known for her corn-y jokes… get it corny? She uses her sarcastic sense of humour and terrible puns to entertain the locals.

Candy Cane King

This is the villainous Candy King, he leads over the kingdom with a gobstopper hard fist. Be weary of this dishonest character as his fearless rule has gone unchallenged, will you put a stop to him?


One of the Candy Kings loyal minions. Once part of the ice cream castle, they are now an unruly creature who thrives in chaos. He will make the rivers run with molten chocolate.


One of the Candy Kings loyal minions. A temper which is unmatched, his ferocious attacks will summon relentless damage upon his enemies.


One of the Candy Kings loyal minions. Anything but vanilla, her sneaky and stealthy behaviour makes her a master thief. She has continued to terrorise Gumdrop Village by looting all that is precious to the locals.

Green Gummy Bear

This is the most generous gummy bear who is a local trader. She supplies the kingdom with a tremendous amount of resources. Her low deals mean anybody in the Kingdom will be able to achieve their dreams.

Red Gummy Bear

This is the most red-y gummy bear for adventure you’ll ever meet. She is fearless and is a great warrior. She is the gumdrop village and will face any opponent.

Yellow Gummy Bear

His strength is legend and is known throughout the kingdom. He is so strong he was able to stop a mountain… a Cake mountain. He prevented it falling on the Gumdrop village and foiled the Candy Kings evil plan.


A renowned story teller of the gumdrop village. He exchanges his extensive knowledge for loot. If you don’t pay up you will get a new kind of message, which he will tell once s’more with a sword at hand.

Chocolate bar

This valiant adventurer has optimism higher than the notorious ice cream peaks. There is a never dull moment with this happy chap around.

Gumball Machine

This local is a real sweetie. She spreads kindness and exuberance by planting a gumball every day. Transforming a once dull plain into a colourful vibrant land.

Gumdrop Girl

This cute character is known for her delicious cuisine. Her non stop baking caused the creation of Cake Mountain. Her huge banquets of delicious cakes, sweets and treats feed the entire kingdom!

Candy Boy

This heroic explorer has extracted rare resources from the entire kingdom. Climbed the highest ice cream peak, has parkoured through the imposing lollipop forest and has even mined through the deepest darkest candy cave.

Perfect for playing in Candy Kingdom: Survival Spawn

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Available on Minecraft for iOS, Android, Windows 10,
Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.