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Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

Our Java version of Lucky Islands was updated last week, and now it's time to bring some of that over to Bedrock! 🎉 - We've added most of the content from the Java Update & we've also added some extra content from our Java version of Lucky Islands. We're going to keep this short & sweet, so below you'll see a full changelog of the Bedrock Lucky Islands update!

📜 Full Changelog

- Added Dragon Breath wand - right-click with the wand to throw fire at your opponents! 🔥 🐉
- Added Slime wand - right-click with the wand to throw slime at your opponents!
- Added Strength for All world event to Crazy mode.
- Added Arachnid Ambush world event to Crazy mode.
- Added Cactus lucky block.
- Added Exploding Bow. 💥
- Added Fire Sword - be sure to right-click with the sword to shoot a short-ranged burst of fire!
- Added Extra Lucky lucky block.
- Added Farm Animals lucky...
🍯 Beehive 🐝

Hey CubeCrafters, my name is Luke and I've been at CubeCraft 7 years now, I joined around September 2013!

I've worked on an awful lot of projects since then, been through all the ups and downs of CubeCraft, and this is one project which was a huge up for me personally. I'm here to break down what goes on behind-the-scenes when creating a Marketplace project.

The Idea

Minecraft had recently announced the release of bees, we thought there would be a lot of buzz behind this update and wanted to create content that brought this to the player.

In reality:
Luke walks over to @Camezonda desk
Luke: "Hey Cam what up"
Cam: "Do you know bees come out soon?"
Luke: "Wait what... how soon?"
Cam: "In a couple of months I think"
Luke "oh... that's pretty soon should probably do something"

My years of puns had consequences... :banter:

[ATTACH type="full"...
Hello CubeCrafters!

Welcome to the first edition of "Behind the Cube"! This is a different post than what you'd usually see here. These posts will be more geared around our backend development and how we as a development team deliver updates to you, the community. We'll be going more into detail about some of the internals of CubeCraft (which includes some sneak-peeks into our code!). Over the past few months, both our Java and Bedrock networks have seen a great amount of growth, and with that the amount of updates we've been able to deliver! We'll likely be going over some of the more recent updates in these posts, with this first one primarily being focused around the Lucky Islands game we recently released on our Bedrock network.

💻 About Our Bedrock Server Tech

So to start off, unlike what most other Bedrock servers do, we actually run a Java Edition-based server platform on our Bedrock network. And yes, you heard that right! When you join our Bedrock network, you're...
Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters! 🎉

Our Lucky Block gamemode, Lucky Islands is now out as a permanent game! - It has it's own lobby & rank. We've also added some other awesome features to our Bedrock network. Read below to find out more!

🤞 Lucky Islands released!

Back in July, we released Lucky Islands for our Bedrock network in our Beta Games lobby. Now we're proud to announce that the game is now permanent and is located in the Lucky Blocks lobby. Now if you're wondering why isn't it called the Lucky Islands lobby, that's because Lucky Blocks is a theme rather than a specific game. This opens the possibility for other Lucky Block gamemodes to join the lobby, not just for Lucky Islands to have a spot :D - Who knows, Lucky Block Race or Lucky Walls could be added 👀


Bedrock Lucky Blocks Lobby.
We've also added a new map for Solo Lucky Islands, introducing Ruins!

Hey Java CubeCrafters!

A few weeks ago, we revealed that we hired two new game developers to help with updates around our Java & Bedrock network. In case you missed that, read this thread, it reveals a lot of our plans for the next month. 👀

Today, we're happy to be releasing a new update for Lucky Islands on our Java network - new Lucky Blocks, new world events, and a new wand?! Read more to know what's in this update 🤯

🍀 New Lucky Blocks

TNT: Drops 3-6 TNT, a lever & a stone pressure plate. Do you dare to TNT jump? :o
Brewing Stand: Places a brewing stand with 1-2 buff or debuff potions. All buff potions are drinkable, and all debuff potions are throwable. Will you get lucky this time?
Farm animals: Spawns a chicken, cow & pig. Friends?
Cactus trap: Traps you in a 3x3 cactus cage. Don't be afraid of the green!
Extra lucky: Spawns 3 lucky...

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