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HELLLOOOOO CubeCrafterrrrssssss,

It's that eggcellent time of the week, where I get to scramble together as many yolks as possible, and try to make you crack. Or are you too much of a chicken?

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Teams of 2 for EggWars has finally arrived! Play on our 3 new maps available now in teams of 2

This map is not a toy!

Under the Sea
Under the sea.jpg
Disclaimer: This map is not underwater...

Try not to get lost in the forest...


We've released 3 fancy looking Egg Skins for EggWars. Egg Skins are items that you can unlock on our server store, and when equipped will change the look of your egg. These items are completely cosmetic, but you've got to say, they look AWESOME!

Burger Egg Skin
This egg is making me hunger...

Cactus Egg Skin
Don't hug this egg...

Gentleman Egg Skin
This egg is such a gentleman...

content packs.jpg

Along with the new server content, we've also released brand a couple of new server offers for you to purchase. To celebrate St.Patricks Day, there's a limited edition Leprechaun buddy, he'll bring you luck in our lobbies!

Leprechaun - Buddy Pack (Limited edition)

Joining the Leprechaun buddy pack, we've also added a new buddy pack with the theme of emojis! If you unlock this pack, you'll get a Sad, Angry and a Happy buddy!

Emoji - Buddy...
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Hello CubeCrafters,

Yippee! It's that time again, where we bring you an awesome update! This time we're here with an epic SkyWars update! We've added new achievements, maps and a lot of QOL features. Including changes to current maps and kits! Read this thread to know exactly what we've added.

new achievements.jpg

Following the new Achievements and Challenges update that we did last week, we've been able to add many more achievements to SkyWars! We've added a total of 49 new achievements in this update!

Solo SkyWars
Too hydrated
- Drown in a game of Solo SkyWars (50 Experience)
Axellent - Kill 100 players using an axe (500 Experience + 25 Points)
Anti looter - Win a game without opening any chests (100 Experience + 50 Points)
+ 22 other achievements for winning games using all of our individual kits.

Team SkyWars
Unlucky boxes
- Open 35 chests in a single game (200 Experience + 20 points)
I’m bready… - Eat 20 loaves of bread in a game (100 Experience + Cubelet)
+ 22 other achievements for winning games using all of our individual kits.

New kits achievement page.

kit rebalancing.jpg

We've done some tweaks to our kits to ensure that they're balanced. Some kits we've felt were very weak so we've given them some extra perks to help increase their viability in games. :)

- Noobly - Removed the wooden hoe and given 5 bread to replace it. - This will increase the speed at which you can play this kit with. Actually farming your food took too long and wasn't worthwhile.
- Builder -
Upped the amount of bricks from 20 to 25 and added a yellow leather cap - A general buff to this kit, since it's effectiveness wasn't great.
- Fisherman - Add yellow leather boots with depth strider 3 on them. - Increases the survivability of...
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Hello CubeCrafters,

This has been a challenging week in which we have achieved a lot, however we're really excited to be releasing an Achievements and Challenges update! :) Introducing new features, menu designs, statistics and much more, you'll love obtaining achievements and challenges in the future, read below and let us know what you think!


We've completely redesigned the entire achievements system. This new system allows us to add a lot more achievements than we were previously capable of handling. All achievements are split up into multiple categories which are able to be navigated around by clicking on the pages in the bottom left of the menu.

New achievements menu.

A new feature which has been added is the fact that you can now track your progress towards completing achievements.
Another neat little feature which we've added is all the achievements now have a difficulty. This is a guide of how hard/long it will take to complete that specific achievement, meaning that if you want to gain some quick achievements you can go for the easier ones, but if you're looking to complete 100% of the achievements, you'll be able to do so by going of some of our ridiculously hard achievements.

Progress bar.jpg
New achievement progress bar.

We've added statistics on how many achievements you've completed. Want to compete with your friends to get the most achievements? Want to get 100% of achievements? Well tracking your progress (and boasting how good you are) is much easier! :D

Image showing the achievements icon potion thing showing how many achievements you've completed..jpg
Achievements overview.

Achievements menu preview.


We've also completely reworked...
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Hello CubeCrafters!

To celebrate the time of love and Valentine's day, we're bringing you exclusive maps, an amazing limited time bundle and up to 50% off our store.

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It's time to announce our next bundle; the Valentine's Bundle! Packed with love and care, this bundle offers exclusive loot items, including cages, banners, balloons and much more! The bundle is only available during the Valentine's event and when you purchase one, you'll get to gift one for free to another player of your choice! The loot includes:
  • 3 Banners
  • 2 Balloons
  • 3 Cages
  • 2 Shields
  • 1 Trail
  • 1 Arrow Trail
You can purchase the Valentine's Bundle HERE, and if you're a CubeCraft Plus user, you get the bundle content for free! Join CubeCraft Plus HERE!
CubeCraft Plus users do not get to gift a bundle, only purchased bundles get that option. Plus users will only have the bundle for as long as they have an active subscription. If the subscription is cancelled, you will lose the Valentines's bundle and other bundle contents. Resubscribing to CubeCraft Plus will give them back to you.

Valentine's bundle (Buy one, give one).

Map - compressed.jpg

To share the love here at CubeCraft, we're bringing you 2 exclusive and limited time Solo SkyWars and Team EggWars maps. For both 1.8 and 1.9+, loot chests, break eggs and become victorious on these lovely maps!

Team EggWars - Love
Love is in the air... and on an island...

Solo SkyWars - Valentine's
Will you be my...