CubeCraft Games

We just hit our next milestone, 900 players, online, at the same time.

Lets aim for 1000 players!

Picture available on the post!
This week there have been tons of addition to the server, so, I felt like making it a news post, heres a rundown on what is new:
  • New Cookie Clicker in the lobby!
  • New christmas lobby design.
  • Christmas countdown timer on the lobby.
  • New Kit-PvP Kits.
  • New SkyBlock Spawn.
  • Much improved server, to help reduce lag, and latency.
  • Multiple kit-pvp server's added, to help reduce lag on kit-pvp, and allow for less players on a single server, to make it less crowded.
More new things coming soon, so be prepared!
Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce a new winter update coming to the site soon, until then, enjoy the snow!
-AIR Art

We are currently in the process of upgrading all of the server's in our network to more powerful machines, to have less lag, and even more games for you all to play and enjoy!

We will update this post as we go along, so keep an eye on this, should also not take too long.

- CubeCraft Staff.

UPDATE: Transfer complete, but inventories in Survival and Skyblock got reset.