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CubeCraft Games


Hello CubeCrafters!

Today we've got double trouble for you! Firstly, we have a HUGE BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND SALE with 50% OFF EVERYTHING - Including Ranks, Multipliers, Miniatures and Merch! Sale ends midnight on Monday 27th of November.

Secondly, if thats not enough for you, we've got a Lucky Islands update! We've gathered loads of feedback and amazing suggestions so read on to find out about the new gamemodes, new maps, new lucky blocks, new wands and much more!

Onto the update...​

New Gamemodes
One of the main new features added into this update are the new gamemodes. We've got two new modes called Crazy and Blessed and you'll be able to vote for these before the game starts. If you thought Lucky Islands couldn't get any more chaotic, then you're wrong! With Crazy mode random world events occur every couple minutes - These can be positive or negative.

Ever thought your luck is bad? Only opening bad blocks? Wishing you had a four-leafed clover in your pocket? Well with Blessed mode you're in luck! This gamemode changes the luck of all Lucky Blocks on the map to give only positive rewards, meaning you won't be blown up by a squid or poisoned by a witch anymore at the start of the game... *insert triggered meme here*​

New Lucky Blocks
The last Lucky Islands update added 20 new Lucky Blocks, but with this update we've added a total of 26 new Lucky Blocks! These include:

Frost Path Wand
Potion Wand
Exploding bow
Frozen bow
Shotgun bow
Automatic bow
Grappling bow
Fire sword
Archer tower
Melon tower
Poison cloud
Cage trap
Luckblock trap
Chorus tree
Quick craft

New Wands
We couldn't add new Lucky Blocks without adding new wands! So with...​

Hello CubeCrafters!

There has been loads of feedback and suggestions for PvP, and we're excited to announce a new update for Duels, FFA and Assassination. This update comes complete with new kits, new gameplay features, new maps and new achievements! So let's go ahead and talk about the update.

There are now achievements for Duels, FFA, and Assassination! Be sure to check them out and see if you have what it takes to unlock them all.

For Duels we have balanced some existing kits, added new kits, added a new rematch option and new maps. Soup mode has also been removed. The build height for duels maps has now been halved meaning you shouldn't have to be a parkour god just to get those kills!

You can now have a rematch with a player you have just battled. This allows for quicker matches of PvP if you're happy constantly battling away with your opponent, rather than having to leave and try and get into another battle. Let's be honest, it's always best of 3 matches. Wait no, 5. OK 10.


New Kits
Thanks to the wonderful community suggestions we've added some new kits for you to play with. Here they are:
  • SkyWars (Normal Kit).
  • Tank (Classic 1.8/Normal Kit).
  • Brute (Normal Kit) by Sylvaly.
  • Alchemist (Normal Kit).
  • OP SkyWars (Overpowered Kit) by MagnificentSpam.
  • Spectre (Insane Kit) by Tacosbefriends.
  • Quickdraw (Insane Kit).
Kit Balancing
We also heard your comments about the balancing of the kits so The Ninja (Overpowered Kit), Darkness (Insane Kit), and Trapper (Classic 1.8 Kit)...

Hello CubeCrafters,

The Chat Overhaul is finally here! We've spent ages going to lots of our old messages, and giving our chat some love.

Server messages
We've spiced up lots of the messages that we have had for a while. We've also converted our chat to contain links that are just the words so when clicked on they'll open webpages. No more long URLs in chat! For example, here is our new join message, so much cleaner! :eek:

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 15.14.54.jpg

Player messages
You can now hover over other peoples usernames in chat and we'll display some information about them. Information such as their level, rank etc!

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 15.22.05.jpg

Team chat and Global chat have also been reworked to be much nicer to use. Your name is now coloured to match your team colour, and also, as with the tab list and names above players, your teammates' names are bold in chat too. This means you can determine friends in Global chat much easier!

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 15.25.34.jpg

Chat filter
Many of you will be glad to know that the chat filter has been added to more chats. Every message that you send now will be sent through our chat filter, keeping our chat much cleaner and more positive.
Thanks to @andyschofie for keeping on top of all our blocked words and phrases over the past few months!

In the parties release you gained the ability to use tab complete, this helped complete usernames and subcommands. But we weren't satisfied. :oops: Presenting a better tab complete solution! The Friends and Party systems now make use of a much more sophisticated tab complete system. Pressing tab will now analyse your location in your command and best figure out the next word. For example /fmsg (A command to message a friend) previously just...​

Hello CubeCrafters,

I hope everyone's having a great Halloween, and we hope to make your day even better! We've just enabled double points on Ender, just for today, so make sure to go and make the most of that.

If you're in the Halloween spirit, and looking for something to do, feel free to go and take part in our Halloween Art competition HERE, and yes, there are prizes to be won! :cool:

Today we also have an update following on from this Friday's Island Games update. One thing that was bought to my attention that the games remained slightly unbalanced, and over this weekend I have tried to balance out the game as much as possible, ensuring the players play the game properly.

What did we do?

To ensure that players are playing the game as they should be, we've added lots of progression into the humans. As you know, humans start with leather armour, and can upgrade their armour to iron armour over the duration of the game. The thing was, getting full iron, food and a few golden apples was too easy, and once you had this, hiding was the only way that you could win. Not anymore!

So now we've added Diamonds. The catch is, that they only form half way through the game, which means that to stay alive, you're required to get iron, and upgrade to diamond half way through the game. This means at the end of the game, you may get this intense fight with the human in full diamond armour.

But Diamond armour is not much better than Iron?

You're right! If you were playing normal Minecraft that is. There are now huge leaps in the protection offered by armour in the game.

Armour also gets slightly weaker as the game goes on. If you weren't aware, Infection is a game heavily based around Maths. We use absolutely tons of calculations to ensure that the game is as close as can be. One of the calculations that we've added is that...