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Hello CubeCrafters!

Last week, we introduced TNT Trouble, the first in a series of three new BETA games that make up the ISLAND GAMES trilogy! Today, we're really excited to announce the second game of the series, called INFECTION. We've been giving you some sneak peaks over the past few days on Twitter, and now it's time to show you more.

The first INFECTION map!

What is INFECTION & How To Play!
Infection is a simple, yet highly fun game. You join the game, and once the game starts your fate is chosen. Are you human, or are you infected? You either have to infect or survive! Gameplay has been balanced so that the games will always last all the way to the last seconds!

Let the battles commence.

If you start as a human...

Your goal is to survive as long as possible. The infected are coming for you, and if an infected kills you, you'll respawn but you'll be infected! You'll then join the infected team and your goal will change to attack the remaining humans and infect every single one of them.

If you start as an infected...
Your goal is to infect the humans. Chase them, bite them, kill them! Once you've killed a human, they too become infected and can help you in the cause. You can work together to corner humans, and take them out. If you manage to infect all of the humans, you'll win. If you miss even one human, the humans will win the game!

Will you be a human, or will you be an infected?

Classes & Buffs...

If you're an infected, you get to pick a class which will help you with your assault on the humans. When you die you...​

Hello CubeCrafters!

We've heard your feedback, and are happy to bring you a small but balancing Tower Defence update. We understood that since the "Colossal Update" the game became unbalanced in some cases. After reviewing all the feedback from the community and our staff games, we've created this update to hopefully balance the issues you had and make the game even better.

So without further ado.. ​
Quick changelog
  • Coins rewards have been greatly reduced for higher level troops.​
  • Troop unlock/upgrade prices have been slightly increased.​
  • Slimes get 15% speed increase every split.​
  • Giants start running when at 10% health.​
  • Armageddon starts later in normal gamemode (25 minutes instead of 20).​
  • Survival gamemode is now more challenging.​
  • Hardcore gamemode has been rebalanced. ​
  • Some towers have been balanced as well (especially Turret and Archer).​
  • Numerous bug fixes.​

Full changelog
Generic changes
  • Armageddon starts later (20 -> 25 min)
  • Survival waves are harder (100 -> 80 waves)
  • Hardcore mode:
    • 50 -> 25% troop health increase
    • Guards remove in 0 -> 10 minutes
    • 5 -> 10 sec summoner cooldown
    • 12 -> 5 troop send limit first 5 minutes of the game (12 after 5 min)
    • Progress bar above towers
  • All AoE potions last 10 seconds
  • Heal AoE heals less (40% less)
  • Zombies and giants don’t have full armour on (helmet only)
  • Slimes get 15% speed increase every split
  • Giants start running when at 10% health
Tower changes
  • Archer price increase (15-83%)
  • Turret price increase (25-85%)
  • Guard less damage (30%)
Troop changes
  • Zombie
    • Health...

What are Island Games?

The Awesome Island Games Lobby

Today we are proud to introduce Island Games. You might be wondering, what are Island Games? Where did BlockBand go? Well... Let us explain! Earlier this week you may have noticed that the BlockBand icon got removed and replaced with ISLAND GAMES! Since then, there have been so many questions asked on our Discord and the forums - You've been speculating and guessing what the new game(s) are, what they'll look like and what the game play will be like!

So lets fill you in - Today we're launching the first of THREE new games. Island Games is a set of three new games, that will be launching every Friday for the next three weeks. Today we launch TNT TROUBLE, then we launch [INSERT TOP SECRET NAME HERE :eek:] on the 15th September and [INSERT TOP SECRET NAME HERE :p] on the 22nd of September!

You didn't think we'd give it all away today did you? ;)


What is TNT Trouble & How To Play!

TNT Trouble is a game where blowing things up is normally a good thing. There are two teams, and each team has castles. Your objective is to defend your castles and blow up the other teams castles!

TNT Trouble In Action

Castles are identifiable by the beacons. Your objective is to grab TNT from the middle islands, and place it inside the enemies castles where the BEACON is. When you place the TNT inside their castle it will blow up, your aim is to blow up all your enemy castles to win. BUT don't get distracted, you still need to defend your castles and you can't let the TNT timer run out whilst you're holding the TNT otherwise you'll blow up!

Remember your enemy might have blocked up the entrances to...​

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