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CubeCraft Games

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Hello CubeCrafters,

We’ve just launched an amazing update to our UHC game!

Vanilla Worlds
Many of you have been asking for an option to play on normal Minecraft maps! So do not worry, we now have the option for you to play “Vanilla” maps. These maps are default generated Minecraft worlds, so no need to worry about over complicated custom world generation!

We’ve also improved our ore generation, across all our maps, so that it’s more random! No more unfair games!

A vanilla map in all it's glory!

To help spice up the games even more we’ve added epic new voting options to allow you toggle some of the settings in the game. This option is only available if you’re gold rank or higher!
  • Vanilla
    • Only available on Vanilla maps.
    • Kits Disabled
    • Removed default UHC features:
      • All trees drop apples.
      • Cacti drop cactus soup.
      • Sand/Dirt drop sticks.
      • Increased Apple drop rate.
      • Witches have a doubled chance of dropping point their wielding.
      • Ghasts drop Gold ingots instead of Ghast tears.
      • Health potion dropped for killing a player.
  • Extra Ore
    • 1 extra resource is given while mining ores.
    • Fortune will work with it.
  • Feather Feet
    • You will take no fall damage during this game.
  • Mob Resistance
    • Damage taken by monsters will be reduced by 50%
  • Necromancy
    • There's a 50% chance monsters will drop their respective spawn eggs which will allow you to summon them from the grave and have them fight on your behalf.
    • Once the egg is used you will not get it back, nor will it drop it for you or the opponent.
    • They will not follow you like dogs, instead opting to find the nearest enemy and kill until their job is done.
Hello CubeCrafters!

Who's ready for a map update? You get a map, you get a map, everyone gets a map!?

Lucky Islands - Oasis (Team)
Is it a drink? Is it a band? No it's a map!

Speed EggWars - Archaic (Team)
A place where you will make many arch enemies

EggWars - Food (Team)
Food glorious food

EggWars - Beach (Team)
We'll sea how well you do!

Line Dash - Sonic

Sonic liked what he saw, so he put a ring on it... oh oh oh

Paintball - Village

This map is free! It's on the house

  • Arcade map updates
    • Line Dash map added: Sonic
    • Paintball map added: Village
    • Line Dash: Experiment - Added barrier blocks on the surface outside of the playing area to prevent powerups spawning
  • EggWars map updates
    • Added 2 new team maps: Beach (Team of 5) and Food (Team of 4)
    • Added 1 new speed team map: Archaic (Team of 3)
    • Medieval (Team): Increased iron generator from 2 to 3 at middle. Added more access points into the house
    • Treehouse (Team): Changed bedrock block underneath egg to wool
    • Kingdom (Team): Added another iron generator and changed flag colours at middle to better suit team colours
    • Mushroom (Team): Made team colours more visible
    • Fairground (Team): Added better lighting
  • Lucky...

Hello CubeCrafters!

We have implemented so many amazing features, we have new maps, more side tasks to every game, more premium voting options, new modes and lots of epic content changes!

In the last Arcade announcement we said we would add Capture the flag as a future update, well that time is here! You can now vote for Deathmatch or Capture the flag during the pre-game, doesn’t matter what rank you are! In Capture the flag your health has been slightly buffed and the objective is to capture up to three flags. Once you have picked up the flag you will instantly glow, so you better run fast! If you are shot before you have captured the flag you will drop it, which gives the enemy team a chance to return it or your team to pick it back up.

Barn Brawl
We have added a brand new voting option for our premium users, attack mode! What on earth is attack mode? Rather than capturing animals and bringing them back to your zone, you now have to hit evil mobs into the other team's barns which will result in it blowing up! Watch out for skeletons, spiders and our notorious bomberman! That’s not all, expect to see rabbits hopping around in normal mode. Hop on and check it out.

Line Dash
We have closely watched the forums and accepted a community suggestion of ‘Chaos mode’ as an amazing, new premium voting option. Enjoy going super speed where TNT is the only power up that will spawn. Pick up all the TNT you can carry and unleash chaotic attacks at your foes. The introduction of the shrinking world border, which appears when there are only three players left, is a super fun change to make Line Dash games go faster. These borders will slowly close in and will spawn a large quantity of TNT powerups at middle. What an explosive end!...
Hello CubeCrafters,

Going to keep this short... have some new maps!

Minerware - Oriental
A blossoming new map

Lucky Islands - Savannah (Solo)
Sentinel got all the cheetahs

Lucky Islands - Ducks (Team)
Now this is just ri-duck-ulous

Blockwars - Western
Make sure to choo- choo- choose this map

Duels - Castle

Castle... this isn't on a hill like Ed would like you to believe

Duels - Shire
"I'm going on an adventure!"