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CubeCraft Games


We worked really hard on pushing Minecraft's boundaries and today I'm pleased to reveal the fruit of our efforts: Blockband.
It's the most advanced Minecraft rhythm game out there and is totally featured-packed!

The game features a stunning 25 songs across amateur and pro mode!


How to play

Step 1: Pick a song!

Step 2: Tap the note on your hotbar when it reaches the line!

The game doesn't have any main lobby. Instead, each player has their own lobby and can pick the song they wish to play when they want.


Blockband features 5 unlockable themes which you can unlock using Vanity Points.
Here are 3 of them as a preview.


Play in your natural habitat

Boom Rock

Go big or go home


Back to basics
Hey everyone, we have a great PvP and Assassins update for you all! We've got new duel maps, new duel kits and some Assassins changes based on feedback from the community.

New PvP Duel Kits
Duel your friends with the new kits and prove you're the best at PvP!
OP: UHC, Ninja, Bomber, Health.
Normal: Hunter, Trapper
1.8: Mender,
Insane: Cow, Witch, Apple Smash
Soup: Pyromania, Kangaroo, Wither

New PvP Maps

Space - Wings
If you're trying to escape, plan-et! use your wings

i play Pokemon go everyday!

As barren as my heart

An element of fun

Don't ruin your chances by dying

Game of thrones red wedding venue... royalty only


Based on feedback from our awesome community, we've tweaked some of the shop prices in Assassins
Nerfed poison to Poison I and made price 150 coins
Instant damage - 20 to 120 coins
Strength 300 to 200 coins
Strength II 400 to 550 coins
Golden apples 60 to 100 coins
Milk has been added for 12 coins

We've also added a Coin Exchanger! Simply talk to the coin exchanger to get all your coins converted to the smallest possible stacks. They do charge a small fee for this service though, so keep that in mind.


As many of you have already noticed over the past few weeks, there are now English, Dutch and Spanish language options available in the settings...​

Rules, and Punishments

We've just released a brand new punishment system which will allow staff to punish rulebreakers more effectively. To go along with this improved system we have updated our rules which you can read here: https://cbecrft.net/rules

Friends has recieved a small update. /friends list is now organized to show which friends are online and offline. And you can now use /fmsg to message any of your online friends no matter where they are on the network. You can chat with a friend playing EggWars while you play Tower Defence!
An overview of all the friend commands

New Forums Look

As you've probably already noticed, the forums have an awesome new look! It looks nicer, works better on mobile and is a generally better experience.

Along with the updated look, you can now change your forums username here: https://www.cubecraft.net/account/change-username
Username changes are limited to once every 30 days.

There is also a new /whereami command. Use this command when you find bugs to find out what server you are on and then be sure to include that info when making a bug report.


Hey everyone, we have an awesome Blockwars update for you all, Core mode! Plus a new kit, new maps and bug fixes!

While this may seem like a subtle and small change, you'll quickly realise how much it changes the game when you play. Core mode favours much more hectic and team oriented play styles and some kits are extra effective, such as miner or bomber. There is now a core, where the flag usually is in CTF mode. Mining out the core block will lower the enemy core's health by 1. Bring the enemies health to zero to win!


Ever wanted to have a mob fight alongside you? Then the new Summoner kit is perfect for you! Every 60 seconds you can use the bone to spawn 1 of 4 mobs (zombie, skeleton, creeper or slime). This mob will automatically attack enemy players for you and you'll even get the credit if they score a kill!

We've also brought back modifiers and you can vote for half blocks, double blocks, low gravity and speed modes if you're diamond +. Modifiers help keep the game fun and unique!

The Bridge
Bridge your way to victory!


Don't be negative... stay positive

Castle Wars

In other words... Game of Thrones

Also I know everyone is going to ask where updates such as EggWars abilities, Freebuild and UHC are. They are all in the works and have only been delayed so that we can make sure they are as perfect as possible. All the updates you want are coming as soon as possible!​