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Hello CubeCrafters!

Long time no see, Halloween has pasted and Christmas is right around the corner. But before then, do you want an awesome map update? Of course you do! Introducing brand new maps for most of our gamemodes, on both Java 1.8 and 1.9! Look below to learn all about the new maps and changes.

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EggWars is one of our networks biggest mini-games, so to freshen up the game, we've added 2 NEW maps and revamped and...
Hello CubeCrafters!

Halloween part 2 has arrived that it has brought so much content with it. So as, Halloween maps, an epic bundle and loot packs as well as a competition! Read below to find out more.

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Let's start by adding back our amazing Halloween maps! We're adding a total of 11 maps! 4 EggWars, 4 SkyWars, a Lucky Islands, a MinerWare and a Duels! There's just some of the maps:

Nightmare - Team...
Hello CubeCrafters!
It's time to release part 2 of our Halloween update to our Bedrock Edition network. Introducing new maps and an epic Halloween Bundle. Read below to find everything out!

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As expected, we've released some spooky maps for our Bedrock players to enjoy playing on during this creepy event. We've also added 2 BRAND NEW maps!

Scare - Team SkyWars (Teams of 4) - NEW...
Hello spooky CubeCrafters!

October has arrived, which means time to get out the cobwebs, skeletons and fake severed hands! But this also means that Halloween has arrived at CubeCraft, for an entire month! What are you waiting for? Join our network today. Also if you join during the Halloween period, you'll get a free Halloween Cubelet! If you want to know what's in this update, read below.

There's currently a 50% OFF...

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