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CubeCraft Games


As teased on the livestream yesterday, part 2 of our Halloween update is here! Be sure to check out Ender as it will be a halloween exclusive for the next two weeks only!

In Ender the survivors must overcome blindness in a dark forest as they attempt to find the 10 pages before the Ender kills them all. Survivors do have a flashlight to help them see, but use it sparingly as you have limited battery. Whatever you do, don't look at Ender!

It is highly recommended that you play Ender in the dark with all your Minecraft sounds and music turned all the way up.

Below you'll find the map and lobby for Ender. Great work by our build team, as usual!

Run forest run

It would be a grave mistake to never return here again

Have fun playing Ender, and try not to get too scared. Happy Halloween from the entire CubeCraft team!


Livestreaming is returning to the official CubeCraft Twitch channel, starting today! You can find our channel HERE.

I'm very happy to announce a weekly live show with members of the CubeCraft team, the Cube Community Show. This show will take place every Friday at 6 PM UK time and will contain a variety of fun things for you to watch!

Make sure to tune in today at 6 PM UK time (1 PM EST) for the first ever Cube Community Show. We will be showing off some sneak peeks at future content and updates, answering questions, and playing some games on the network.

This is just the start of our return to livestreaming. Expect the addition of more weekly shows soon!

- New Halloween Hub -
The build team has been hard at work and created a new Halloween Hub, better than ever before. It features spooky armour stands, hidden easter eggs and of course a pumpkin hunt! We have also added six maps and a chance to win some awesome prizes in our very own Halloween build competition.


- Pumpkin Hunt -
The horrifyingly addictive scavenger hunt is back. There are 25 mini-pumpkins hidden around, all of which have a fire effect on them. Find all 25 (by punching them) to receive an awesome bat swarm win effect and a pumpkin hat. You'd better be quick though, as this can only be obtained throughout our Halloween Event.


- Halloween Maps -
The build team has been busy working on new maps for some of your favourite mini-games. We'll also be bringing back some of the old maps from previous Halloweens, more maps, more fun, more CubeCraft!

EggWars - Nightmare (Team)
When I still refuse to clean my room...

EggWars - Halloween (Team)
This is Halloween everybody make a scene

SkyWars - Scare (Team)
Be Scare-d

SkyWars - Cauldron (Solo)
Witch way are you going to die

Duels - Death
These puns will be the...

We're very excited to bring you part one of the Freebuild Update, Creative! We've worked very hard on making this the best creative experience possible (read on to find out about all the awesome features!) and we know you'll love it. Unlike your average creative server, our plots are floating islands in the sky, giving you your own private mini world to build on!

Before we start I'd just like to share the status of the other parts of Freebuild, Skyblock is confirmed and is coming however we have no plans or ETA on Factions at the moment. Now on to the awesome features of Creative!

Plot Themes and Sizes
Ever get bored of plain grass around your plot? We've got you covered with some cool plot themes! With the click of a button you can change the island holding your plot to desert, jungle, snowy, taiga or plain if you want to build your own theme!

Plot feeling a bit cramped? You can also use your points to upgrade your plot, all the way to 73 x 73 (and hopefully even bigger in the future!)

Puns of course courtesy of the wonderful @Efcluke94

Who wood-n’t want to build here


Testing the sands of time


If I had Tiger, it would be grrrrrreat


Welcome to the jungle! We got fun and games


Snow time to wait! Get building...