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Helloooooooo CubeCrafters!

I'm really happy to announce our a new set of features we're offering on the store. We're calling it "CubeCraft Plus". For a long time we've been looking towards moving to a subscription for access rather than large one off payments. We've designed Plus so that no matter what rank you have you're gaining benefits for your monthly subscription. At launch we're providing 13 different features that are exclusive to Plus subscribers. Here's a look at them.

Plus Features
Feature List.jpg

We're already working on even more features to add to Plus and will continue to do so. Now I am sure you're eager to go and get hold of this awesome item so here is a link or if you would like to see more head over to this page.

Now I am sure there will be a lot of questions so I'll answer them in the comments below. Here's a few frequently asked questions:

Why are you making a subscription?
Put simply it works out better for both players and us. As a business we have monthly bills to pay and currently our only way to pay them is to essentially get new people to buy new items every month, this realistically is not sustainable forever! From a players point of view we want you to be able to support us monthly but also get value for doing so. We've also made the cost low enough that it shouldn't be a huge barrier for many users.

But why should we pay you monthly?!
Fair point. We want to have reliable monthly income as it allows us to hire more people. More people means more content for you to play. We already release a lot of content on a schedule from one month to the next so it only makes sense that we have the ability to earn revenue from that.

When will the live streams start?
We're currently working out what we want to do on the live streams and how they're going to work. I would expect...
Birthday Graphic 2018.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters,

This week we have a celebration for our biggest game and more awesome general network improvements!

EggWars 3rd Birthday
This time 3 years ago, one of the biggest Minecraft gamemodes was released, EggWars. The last 3 years has flown past, introducing new maps, new gamemodes, new concepts and even new players! To celebrate the 3rd birthday of EggWars we currently have an up to 90% off sale on our store. There's ranks, cubelets, t-shirts and even EggWars multipliers. You can grab yourself a game point multiplier for under £2.00!

Along with the Birthday sale, there's DOUBLE POINTS for EggWars on the network right now! There's also a limited time Normal Team EggWars map available now.

Birthday - Normal Team EggWars (Team of 5)
This map is a piece of cake...

Battle Zone
Since introducing the Flame thrower. It's time to give it a texture! (Thanks to @StorySays)

Flame thrower texture.

General Network Improvements and Fixes
This week we have done a lot of minor and cool improvements and fixes to our network, here's some of them:

Tweaked the Football gadget slightly.
- Fixed an issue with the Football not removing correctly.

Added a kit selection menu to the players hotbar in the lobby.

PvP Duels:

- Added the ability to allow or not allow Duel challenge requests in the lobby (Suggested by @Cuteee)...​
14-06-2018 - World Cup and Battle Zone.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters,

This week we're bringing you a special World Cup update, another Battle Zone update and other general network improvements and fixes.

To celebrate the World Cup we're extending our SALE to the 18th June, that's 4 extra days! There's up to 40% OFF ranks, Cubelets, T-shirts and more. Visit our store HERE to grab yourself a shiny new rank!

World Cup
It's that time again where world countries compete for the World Cup, and to celebrate we're releasing 3 new maps and an exclusive limited time World Cup themed gadget!

New maps:
We've added 3 brand NEW maps for SkyWars, EggWars and Parkour!

Football - Team EggWars

This map is a keeper.

Field - Solo SkyWars

A field of dreams.

Stadium - Competitive Parkour

The goal is to beat your opponent.

Exclusive gadget:
In celebration to the World Cup, we've given every player a free exclusive but limited time gadget. It's a football! Play with your friends, kicking around this ball of fun. We've also added a temporary football pitch in the main lobby behind spawn, for players to play matches of football.

Football gadget in use.

Main lobby...
07-06-2018 - Battle Zone.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters,

This week we're bringing you another Battle Zone update and other general network improvements and fixes!

Currently we have a SALE on our Store! There's up to 40% OFF ranks, Cubelets, T-shirts and more. Visit our store HERE to grab yourself a shiny new rank!

Battle Zone
Battle Zone has been getting continuous additions each week, and this week we're proud to introduce new ways to kill or damage your enemies!

What would Battle Zone be without traps? It's time to bring in all the different ways to damage or even kill other players. Introducing traps! We've added 4 brand new trap like blocks to our game, each with their own reaction and purpose. Each trap has it's own custom design thanks to @StorySays to help you identify them from each other.

If you're the owner of the trap you'll see heart particles being emitted from it. You can identify if an area has a trap within it as small dark particles will surround the area. To destroy the trap all you need to do is mine it or shoot it a couple of times. There are 4 trap blocks currently, and they are all wall mounted. Poison, Fire, Electric and Wither. Each with it's own trigger radius and reaction.

The purpose of the trap blocks is to weaken, damage or even kill your enemies. If an enemy gets too close to your trap, it will activate and unload it's dangerous reaction onto them. To place a trap, place it on a wall til the red particles turn blue which tells you you're allow to place there. As soon as the trap is place small red particles will emit from it, which means that it's armed and ready for trapping!

Traps Image.jpg