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Hello CubeCrafters!

I'm happy to announce after a lot of work from our team we're bringing back PayPal to the store. We've partnered with a new payment gateway Xsolla and will be retiring PaymentWall for now. From our internal testing we think that Xsolla has a much better experience for you our customers. If you encounter any difficulties in checking out on our online store please drop our support team an email:

We've tried to make sure that all the major payment methods our players like to use are available and there are plenty of new ones too! From PayPal to Paysafe Cards and even Bitcoin there are literally hundreds of different methods you can use.

I hope you all like these changes and we're looking in to how we can bring more payment methods to our Merch store.
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Hello CubeCrafters!

It's finally time for the long awaited Survival Games update. We have loads of new features, new maps, a new lobby, new kits, new achievements and much more.

Maps and New Lobby
There is now a brand new lobby and 3 new maps for Survival Games.

Greek (Holds teams of 2)
You may make a few ‘arch’ enemies here

Nature (Holds teams of 5)
Let nature take its course and be the last one standing!

Tropical (Hold teams of 2)
Only way to win is to ‘resort’ to violence!

Chest Refills
Chests at the centre of the map will now refill every 5 minutes until the world border starts to close in. Refilled chests will contain half as many items as a normal chest, so if you're in dire need of more supplies, head to the middle before anyone else!

Middle chests refilling

World Events
There have been a lot of changes to how the world events work within Survival Games. All world events can now happen in all of the maps and are chosen at random. We have also made world events a voting option for all players that have an Iron rank or above to vote on. World events will be disabled by default for all games. We have made some minor changes to the existing world events as well as adding 5 new ones.

Acid Rain World Event

Toxic Waste World Event

The sponsoring system has also been expanded...​
Hello CubeCrafters!

It's that time of year again... Easter, a time for chocolate eggs and bunnies. We're egg-cited to announce our seasonal update for CubeCraft!

Easter lobby and Egg hunt
As you may have noticed, we've made our lobby Eastery. The builders worked very hard to produce such an amazing lobby. You'll join our network surrounded by hundreds of colourful and different sized Easter eggs. We've also brought back everyones favourite Easter egg hunt. You'll need to search the lobby up and down to find 25 Easter eggs, and once you when them all, you'll win a wonderful Easter Cubelet and an Easter arrow trail.

Easter Main Lobby

Easter Cubelets and Loot
With the previous Loot update bringing 3 new types of Cubelets, we're happy to announce Seasonal Cubelets. This Easter we have created Easter Cubelets, which can be purchased on our store or also won ingame. Easter Cubelets only reward you with amazing Easter items. From a moving Zebra cage to an Egg Cannon gadget, there's a lot of different types of Easter Loot items available. Easter Cubelets also have a cute bunny opening effect, and they are only obtainable during the Easter period, and they cannot contain duplicate items.

The Easter Cubelets offer the chances to obtain one of the following:
- 12 Hats
- 8 Shields
- 3 Arrow Trails
- 6 Cages (Some including animations and particles)
- 3 Gadgets
- 3 Trails
- 4 Animated Wardrobe pieces (Form the Carrot set)
- 4 Effect Wardrobe pieces (Form the Bunny set)
- 3 Win Effects
- 3 Animated Hats

If you purchase one of the Easter Cubelet bundles from our store you'll unlock one or more of our exclusive Easter miniatures. Purchasing 3...

Hello CubeCrafters!

Today we've released one of our largest updates for a while, Loot! There's so much to talk about, so let's get straight to the point!

We've completely changed how the Cubelet system works. There are now 3 tiers of Cubelet. Each tier drastically increases the chances of unlocking rarer items! Here's a brief look at the tiers:

:cubelet: Cubelet: A Cubelet is what we all know as a Cubelet. These have the lowest "worth", and you'll mostly find Common items inside these Cubelets. However despite the odds being low, you can still obtain Mythical items from these Cubelets!
:super_cubelet: Super Cubelet: This is the second tier of Cubelets, and inside these you're much more likely to get Rare and Uncommon items. It is impossible to find a Common item inside a Super Cubelet.
:uber_cubelet: Uber Cubelet: Now these Cubelets are Rare! They're very challenging to obtain through gameplay, however the rewards are awesome! Inside an Uber Cubelet, you're guaranteed to find at least a Rare item! This Cubelet also comes with a totally unique opening effect, which stands out from all the other effects!


Obtaining Cubelets :cubelet::super_cubelet::uber_cubelet:
Cubelets can be obtained from playing our games just like they always have been. However we've changed how we reward players with Cubelets. You no longer need to win games in order to find a Cubelet. There are many more factors that we take in to account such as previous games, the number of teams in the game that you're playing and more. Overall this makes the Cubelets that you get rewarded from playing games far fairer. Regular Cubelets are the only Cubelets that can be found in game at the moment.

Cubelets found in games expire after 2 weeks, make sure to open them or craft them in to higher tier Cubelets! :D...