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20-07-2018 - Summer Release and 1.13.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters!

It's that hot and sunny time of year again, summer. Here at CubeCraft we celebrate summer on a huge scale, offering so much new content for you to obtain and try out. This update brings new maps, new Cubelets and loot and even an awesome sale!

Summer Sale
What would summer be without a sale? Boring I guess... but not here! Available on our Store now, there's 50% OFF EVERYTHING. From Lifetime Ranks and Regular Cubelets to Multipliers and Merch, all prices have been halved. So if you want a hot new rank or some super Cubelets, head over to our Store now! Click HERE to visit our Store.

Summer Cubelets + Loot
If you thought this update couldn't get any better, let me tell you about our NEW and EXCLUSIVE Summer Cubelets and Loot! There's over 61 Summer items contained inside Summer Cubelets for you to unlock and obtain. You can purchase Summer Cubelets HERE or find them ingame, there's a 45% chance for you to win a Summer Cubelet in our games. They are only obtainable during the summer period, and they cannot contain duplicate items. If you join our server today, you'll get a FREE Summer Cubelet!

Here's what the Summer Cubelets offer:
Gadgets: 4
Shields: 4
Trails: 7
Cages: 7
Wardrobe: 12 (3 full wardrobe sets - All animated)
Miniatures: 3
Win effects: 5
Arrow trails: 4
Standard hats: 10
Animated hats: 5

There's a chance for you to unlock a throwable and kickable Football gadget, Octopus wardrobe set, Surfboard trail, Wave cage, spinning fish win effect and much more! Also, today if you purchase 3, 5 or 10 Summer Cubelets, you'll unlock 1-3 of the EXCLUSIVE summer miniatures, including a...
05-07-2018 - PvP Maps.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters!

This week the builders and developers have been working hard to bring you new maps and more improvements for our network.

To celebrate the World Cup there's up to 50% OFF ranks, Cubelets, T-shirts and more. Visit our store HERE to grab yourself a shiny new rank!

It's time PvP had some new additions to it's map varieties. The builders have made 1 new FFA map and 3 new Duel maps for you to fight on and win victory on. This new FFA map brings in new strategies, fight locations, spawn-points and parkour locations. You'll need to make your way through battles, beaches, bridges and trees to become victorious!

Tropical - FFA
Tropic like it's hot...

Oriental - PvP Duels
Where'd my opponent go?... they're gong!

Golf - PvP Duels
Will you be able to putt up a fight?

Venice - PvP Duels
What a romantic arena... now fight fight fight!

General Network Improvements and Fixes
The developers have been busy patching and improving parts of our network, here's just some:

- Added "players waiting" to the map selection in game armourstands.* (Suggested by @DragonLord)

- Fixed an issue with players getting stuck on the bottom of the map on Under da Sea.

Tower Defence:
Fixed an issue with towers interacting with the path below.
- Fixed an issue with sometimes not being able to see your coins...
28-06-2018 - Experimental EggWars.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters,

This week we've been working hard to bring you a new EggWars mode and other network improvements!

Experimental EggWars: Double Egg
It's about time EggWars was given a new gamemode, introducing Experimental EggWars! This gamemode rotates around bringing and releasing different and exciting twists to the game without affecting the Normal gamemode. Experimental EggWars can update, add or remove modes at anytime, to keep EggWars fresh and exciting to its players.

The first Experimental mode we're introducing is "Double Egg". It's exactly what it says on the tin, your team now has 2 eggs rather than 1. Double Egg mode is a team only mode and uses the same maps as used in Normal EggWars to spice up the gameplay and strategy. Your team must now protect both of your eggs rather than just the one, it's a challenge, will you be able to protect them?​

Two island eggs.
So what's the twist with the egg? Well I'll tell you. When one of your teams eggs is broken, the last remaining egg will create an Ender surge, which will teleport anyone who isn't on your team within a 40 block radius back to their starting island. So you must break an egg and run! Any team members who just lost an egg will receive 3 hearts back if they are within the 30 block surge from their remaining egg.

Remaining eggs' Ender surge.
The main purpose of Experimental EggWars is to test new gamemodes and to keep EggWars fresh, updated and to introduce different strategies and gameplays for everyone to enjoy. There are endless combinations for different EggWars modes, so we'd love to hear your suggestions for different Experimental modes below.
Plus Main Lobby Banner.jpg

Helloooooooo CubeCrafters!

I'm really happy to announce our a new set of features we're offering on the store. We're calling it "CubeCraft Plus". For a long time we've been looking towards moving to a subscription for access rather than large one off payments. We've designed Plus so that no matter what rank you have you're gaining benefits for your monthly subscription. At launch we're providing 13 different features that are exclusive to Plus subscribers. Here's a look at them.

Plus Features
Feature List.jpg

We're already working on even more features to add to Plus and will continue to do so. Now I am sure you're eager to go and get hold of this awesome item so here is a link or if you would like to see more head over to this page.

Now I am sure there will be a lot of questions so I'll answer them in the comments below. Here's a few frequently asked questions:

Why are you making a subscription?
Put simply it works out better for both players and us. As a business we have monthly bills to pay and currently our only way to pay them is to essentially get new people to buy new items every month, this realistically is not sustainable forever! From a players point of view we want you to be able to support us monthly but also get value for doing so. We've also made the cost low enough that it shouldn't be a huge barrier for many users.

But why should we pay you monthly?!
Fair point. We want to have reliable monthly income as it allows us to hire more people. More people means more content for you to play. We already release a lot of content on a schedule from one month to the next so it only makes sense that we have the ability to earn revenue from that.

When will the live streams start?
We're currently working out what we want to do on the live streams and how they're going to work. I would expect...