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Hello CubeCrafters!

MinerWare is back on our Java network for a limited time. Get on and enjoy as many games as possible before it's removed when the timer above the NPC hits 0. MinerWare is a mini-game which consists of 15 microgames and 1 boss game, the player gets the most points from winning microgames and boss games wins!

Some of the featured games after MinerWare include: BlockWars, Line Dash, Survival Games and Paintball. Please note that some featured games that are planned may change.

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A featured game is where we release a temporary minigame for 2 weeks. Every 2 weeks the featured game changes to a new game. For example, after MinerWare is rotated away, BlockWars will replace it for 2 weeks, and so on and so on. Seasonal games generally will replace the featured games NPC/stand during it's period. You can view how much time you have left until the next featured game is released if you look at the timer above the featured game NPC.

If a featured game is popular and demanded, there's a chance that we will release it as a permanent game. Featured games are randomly chosen and will not be reused until the next rotation or until many other featured games are released after it, this is avoid the same featured games coming back again and again and not giving other mini-games the chance to make an appearance.

Thanks for reading. We'd love to read your feedback below in the comments!
Hello CubeCrafters!

Happy Halloween! Today we thought we should catch up on everything that we've been doing over the past few weeks, as we've been very busy!

It's finally here! You can now check all of your statistics that you've got in all our games in our main lobbies! All the games that you've played on the network up to this point will also be included in your statistics.
Survival Games Stats.jpg
Admire my awesome survival games stats!

Along with statistics, we've also released leaderboards. Each of these will show the top 50 winners of each game. Time to start getting more competitive! Can you make it to the top of the leaderboard?
SkyWars Leaderboard.jpg
A view of the current standings of the SkyWars leaderboard

We've been hard at work creating fancy new content. You can now get your hands on these rawr-some Raptor Buddies, or start your games in awesome style with wicked Hot Air Balloon Cages. Both of them are available on the CubeCraft Store now!

Raptors Buddies.jpg


We've also been super hard at work at ensuring that our games are easy to play on all devices, so we decided to make some improvements to how the EggWars shop works. When buying armour, it will now automatically equip the best armour you have in your inventory. Bundles are now purchasable. These are full sets of the armour, so you don't need to buy each piece of armour individually.
To top it all off, we added images into the menu, so it's clearer what you're buying!

EggWars shop.jpg

Phew, this has been a long update! You must be wondering, there can't possibly be more? Wrong! Here's a list of things we've either fixed or tweaked as well!
- Fixed...
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Hello CubeCrafters,

We hope you're enjoying Halloween on our network, playing the Halloween maps and collecting all the pumpkins. We're happy to announce that today we're bringing you amazing new content in the form of a Halloween Bundle!

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If you're in the Halloween spirit, you'll be happy to know that we've released a Halloween Bundle on our Bedrock edition network available for you to purchase right now! But you better get it fast, as it's only available during the Halloween season. For only 990 Minecoins, this Bundle features over 10 exclusive loot items, including cages, trails, prefixes, a win effect and our brand NEW loot item, BUDDIES!

Buddies are a brand new addition to our network. They are friendly and just want to be your buddy (pun not intended). These little characters will follow you all round the lobby and will never leave your side. You can show them off to your friends and everyone else in the lobby.

Halloween Buddies

Halloween Buddies

MinerWare Title.jpg

Along with our Halloween Bundle, we've been making a lot of fixes and additions to our MinerWare game. We've added 2 NEW microgames, Dodge the Anvils and Catch the Butterflies.

New Catch the Butterflies microgame.

Some of the fixes/improvements include:
  • Changed the length of some microgames.
  • Fixed being able to PvP in the lose cage in the hide under a block microgame.
  • Fixed being able to escape from a win or lose cages.
  • Removed stepping stones microgame as it was too hard.
  • Removed throw eggs microgame as it was too boring.
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We have also made a lot...
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Hello CubeCrafters,

It's time for Halloween to arrive on Bedrock Edition. For the first time ever, the spooky spirits of Halloween are haunting our Bedrock network. Come and join us and celebrate this seasonal event. We've added new maps, a new lobby and even a Head Hunt in the lobby!

ender joins bedrock.jpg

Ender has escaped and made his way onto our Bedrock Edition network. Ender on Bedrock is a lot different to Java, as 12 players will be dumped into a huge forest instead. The aim of the game is to avoid looking into the eyes of the Ender and collect 20 pages to escape and survive! If you look at the Ender you'll lose health until you're dead, but don't worry as collecting pages heals you.

Pages have been hidden all round the map, and can only be found in open areas. Players have 10 minutes to discover them all, before the Ender automatically wins. Players will also be given a torch to help them light their way to victory to discover pages, but be careful as it has limited power.

Bedrock map.jpg
Ender Forest Map.

Ender gameplay.
halloween bundle.jpg

This Halloween, we're also bringing a horror Halloween Bundle to Bedrock. This purchasable pack will be available during Halloween only and will be released on our network very soon, so keep an eye out!

Halloween lobby and head hunt title.jpg

We couldn't have a Halloween event without updating the lobby. We've spookified the lobby to bring even more Halloween spirit, explore the vast areas of this lobby. Speaking of exploring, we've also added our famous Head Hunt to Bedrock too!

Introducing the Halloween 2018 Pumpkin Head Hunt. There are 15 Pumpkins hidden round the lobby, and it's your mission to find...