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Hello CubeCrafters,
yet again, another week has past this summer, and as we near the end we still keep getting huge amounts of content out.

I would also like to remind everyone that we are doing a charity fundraising for Mind.
If you wish to help up reach out target of £20,000 please checkout

And your in luck, we have another game to release!!!
LuckyIsland Logo  clouds no outline.png
Lucky Islands is a new competitive game type on CubeCraft, including a team and a solo mode. This is our first game to utilise new Minecraft resource packs, to re-texture blocks and items, to such as the lucky blocks and the wands that you can find in game.
The objective of Lucky Islands is to either be the last player, or team, alive in the game. To win, you can break lucky blocks, which contain "random" items. These can be anything from a tower of villagers, to a hole that is created right below your feet. Anything can happen.
A huge part of the game is also, magic wands. There are currently 7 different types of magic wand and they include:
- TNT Wand (Throws TNT in the direction you are looking)
- Slime Wand (Throws a slime in the direction you are looking)
- Lightning wand (Strikes lightning at the block you are looking at)
- Dragon breath wand (Throws a large amount of fire in the direction you are looking)
- Regen wand (Heals you for a short amount of time)
- Invisibility wand (Makes you invisible for a short amount of time)
- Shield wand (Creates a shield of leaves around you, which after a short amount of time decays)

There are many possibilities and hundreds of outcomes! So, what are you waiting for...

And now for the maps...

Lobby maps

No ‘horsing’ around, hurry and join a game

Solo maps
‘I think I got ‘wood’ looking at...
News New maps
Hello CubeCrafters,

It’s mid month now and there has been so many cool updates; maps, games, applications. Hope you’re having an awesome summer on Cubecraft. Probably thinking now, how much more content can they produce. C’mon we’re Cubecraft. More updates!

Survival Games
Ruins I am probably going to ‘ruin’ this post with puns

Space Big ‘space’ between the islands, but I’ll travel ‘galaxies’ to win Eggwars-Space.jpeg
Medieval Pardon me, madam, but wouldeth thou like to see my sword in action on this map?

Instruments I’d ‘strum’ it all the time on this map
Pirates ‘Yarr’ gonna’ love it
Renders made by: @ThijsBeertje

Updates/build bugs:

- No longer constantly rains in money walls
- Fixed map volcano where barriers cut in
- Added a secret room in the money walls lobby
- Money walls has keep inv removed, after walls go down
- Eggwars you can now drop items again

Forum thread's of the week:

Don't forget, we're raising money for charity: :fantamug:

We have officially reached 20,000 players on at anyone time making us the 3rd Minecraft Server network in the world to reach this mile stone. We really couldn't have done this without you all, literally.

Now as we said on Twitter, we are going to giveaway 20 Obsidian Ranks. We're going to be doing this in the same way we did our last competition via our Twitter. To enter you just need to Retweet and Favourite this tweet (terms and conditions are available below).

Don't forget that we're going to be streaming on Saturday at 19:00 UK Time, there may be some special things coming because of this growth.

For now though, follow us on Twitter and get on the server ( and play some games!

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The Giveaway shall take place on the date specified on the Giveaway page on

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The Promotional Prize for winning The Giveaway shall be an Obsidian Rank on the server (the "Prize").

The Promotional Prize will be given to The Giveaway winner after the winner has provided CubeCraft Games with a valid username.

CubeCraft Games shall...
Summer Update - Week 3.png

Hello CubeCrafters!

Today we've done another stream, for the good of mind. A charity supporting people with mental health issues. We're working hard to reach our target of £20,000, and so as we've stated before. All in-game purchases on Saturdays (GMT+1) will go directly to Mind. Don't feel afraid to upgrade your rank later today, or next weekend.
You can directly help Mind on our donation page at


And also we have a new game what we would like to announce!

Walls without glow.png


Money walls is a new tactical game, including mob and player battles.
The aim is to defend your wither. This can be done with resources from the shop. To get the money however is not so easy. There are generators located round your base, which can be found by following the trails on the floor. These however are defended by monsters, who refuse to let players get their hands on their money. As you get to better generators, the amount of monsters defending them becomes a lot higher, and therefore more of a challenge.
There are 4 types of generators, iron is the default. Gold can get fixed, using iron and diamond can be fixed using gold. The odd one out is the emerald generator, this one is not defended by zombies, however is located in the middle of the map, so only accessible for when the walls fall. These will be the hardest to get, as other players will be competing to get these resources as well.
There is so much stuff to do in this game, and the full experience of it only comes out when you've played it, so I'm not going to keep you here forever! Go play!

For those of you who want to see the epic maps:

Lobby 'Water' you waiting for, hurry up and join!

Pre Lobby 'Dam' all this...