CubeCraft Games

As you probably all noticed we recently took survival offline from the network, this is due to to a major re-work done to it, and it will be released soon in the form of a faction server!

Factions with full PvP enabled, re-worked nether system (it now works), major shop update, it now works seamlessly with the cube craft point systems, which will allow you to get items from the points gathered on other server's, as well as when voting for the server!

Factions is currently open in donator beta stage, if your a donator then head over to the donator lobby to join it.
We have released a new re-done version of fish-slap, which is better and easier to use then the old fish-slap, also packs cooler arenas and more features, post in the comments what you think!

Note: Since the game is new it is released in a beta format for donator access only, if you are not a donator (IRON or above) you will not be able to join the game until we release it for everyone. (When the beta is over.)

Have fun!
As I am sure all of you know, today it is the servers birthday. We are now 1 year old!!! But also today as a little surprise we also hit 1000 players for the first time. This definitely proves that we are a very fast growing network. Thanks for all the support on the server, good luck trying to achieve 2000! If we can that will be amazing
Thanks, rubik!!!
Since lately a lot of players started to contact us owners, wether via private messages, posting on walls, or even emails, to complain about players, or to post a ban appeal, I would like to make it clear that BY CONTACTING US OWNERS YOU WILL NOT GET FAR, WE DO NOT MANAGE BANS, YOU WILL NOT GET UNBANNED IF YOU ASK US.

To get yourself unbanned or report someone, contact our staff via the appropriate forums!

Hope this gets the message through.