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We have released a new re-done version of fish-slap, which is better and easier to use then the old fish-slap, also packs cooler arenas and more features, post in the comments what you think!

Note: Since the game is new it is released in a beta format for donator access only, if you are not a donator (IRON or above) you will not be able to join the game until we release it for everyone. (When the beta is over.)

Have fun!
As I am sure all of you know, today it is the servers birthday. We are now 1 year old!!! But also today as a little surprise we also hit 1000 players for the first time. This definitely proves that we are a very fast growing network. Thanks for all the support on the server, good luck trying to achieve 2000! If we can that will be amazing
Thanks, rubik!!!
Since lately a lot of players started to contact us owners, wether via private messages, posting on walls, or even emails, to complain about players, or to post a ban appeal, I would like to make it clear that BY CONTACTING US OWNERS YOU WILL NOT GET FAR, WE DO NOT MANAGE BANS, YOU WILL NOT GET UNBANNED IF YOU ASK US.

To get yourself unbanned or report someone, contact our staff via the appropriate forums!

Hope this gets the message through.
Hello guys and girls, Musemat here. So as some of you might have heard we are re-working the assassination server and we want you!.... To test it :)

Now you might ask, "what are you guys doing to the assassination server? What we're doing to the assassination server is a completly new concept. You will as always start in the desert city of zahiria, but we are going to add something new called "wilderness". In the wilderness players are not going to be your concern, but the monsters are out to get you. The monsters will give you exp which you can use to enchant your gear. At the end of the wilderness there is going to be an arena where you're going to fight a boss! When you have defeated the boss a new path will open to the next city. Once you have entered the arena there is no way out so its "do or die". When you have gotten to the next city you will not be able to get back (this is too stop people with diamond armor from killing newly spawned players). There is going to be 4 cities in total

Zahiria the city of the desert valley

The Nordic town, Lund

The floating isles of Akatosh

Santaria, the elven city of elegance

There is going to be a costum health system aswell. You will not be able to regen health normally but with bandages and special food. The money system is going to be the same but the longer you stay in the store the faster your hunger will vanish.

An other thing to note is, when you die you're dead for good and you have to start all over in the first city(Zahiria).

If you want to apply you have to be a donator. Simply follow this little form and submit it bellow

Application for assassination
Why we should pick you:
Have you ever been a tester before?:
For how long have you played minecraft?:

If you have any suggestions please submit them below aswell.