CubeCraft Games

Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce a new website look/set up! Feel free to report any bugs or ask any questions here!
CubeCraft and all of its staff members wish you a happy halloween!

To this occasion one of our builders decided to make a halloween building contest, check it out here:
The Minecraft 1.7 update is out, however, as usual, server's take a little longer to update, but we will try our best to achieve compatibility as soon as possible!

In the meantime we have upgraded SkyWars, and added some very cool and nifty new features, such as:

- Added kits
- Added in-game currency (points) with which you can purchase more kits
- Fixed map glitches (Nether Map)
- Added new commands (/points)
- Bug fixes :)
The Minecraft login and session server's are offline, Mojang is doing some database updates to they're servers.

You can check the status of them here:

UPDATE: Back online!