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Hello again! Happy June everyone! So, it's the end of another action packed month, and it's time for the monthly SkyWars and Survival Games give aways! So, for those of you new to the server, each month we give away ranks and points to the people with the most kills and wins in skywars and survival games as a reward for their dedication to the server. These stats can be found on the things made of ore, at either side of the survival games and skywars mini-lobbies. Anyway, here is a full report of who...
We just released the Obsidian rank on our server!

Took us quite some time to finish up the basics of it, and we are currently working on adding even more features to it as we go along, as its not quite done yet. :)

Here's a list of the features currently available to Obsidian members. (From the donations page)

Whole network:
- Access to coloured chat
- Access to coloured signs
- /Color, Ability to change the colour of your name
- 600 points every 24 hours
- Awesome looking ||Obsidian|| prefix
Hey everyone,

I just wanted to point out that we have a TeamSpeak server active on ts.cubecraftgames.net .

To use it grab the client over at teamspeak.com and connect to that address.

Me and @rubik_cube_man are usually online on it. If you have any suggestions don't hesitate to say it.

We will be setting up specialized channels for each game-type once we have a good amount of users online on it. :)
Hello every, as April finishes and we advance quickly into May, it is now time for me to announce the winners of skywars and survival games!

Top Skywars winners:
bjornebjorn97: Stone ---> Emerald
GOMSY: Iron ---> Emerald
mjtm76: Stone ---> Gold
XMOAB2DEATHX: Iron ---> Gold
javier301120: Stone ---> Iron

Top Skywars killers:
bjornebjorn97: +50,000 points
GOMSY: +40,000 points
SnowPulse202: +30,000 points
javier301120: +20,000 points
XMOAB2DEATHX: +10,000 points

Top Survival Games winners...
So yea, we hit a new record today, at 2000 players.
The exact record is 2011 at April 27 2014 18:42:20 (GMT+0)

We thank our massive community for making this possible! :)

Here's a screenshot for confirmation: (Open thread to see it)

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