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As usual Mojang decided to do their update catastrophe and break minecraft entirely, once again.

1.7.7/1.7.6 at the moment have a bug in them causing them to error out saying "Outdated server, pretending to be 1.7.7" or similar errors, I've personally tested this and its a bug seen and reported across other major minecraft networks, an easy fix for this is downgrade to 1.7.5, which can be done easily using the default minecraft launcher.

Under the profile section of the launcher click "Edit Profile" then go to the Version Selection section and select "release 1.7.5" (or lower. 17.2 and 1.7.4 also work fine) under the "Use version:" dropdown box, click "Save Profile" and start the game.

UPDATE: We are no longer compatible with 1.7.7 or 1.7.8, this choice was made due to the many bugs present in those versions.

Comment on any other issues you may find as we are looking into more stuff Mojang decided to break in this update.
Hey cubecrafters!
So, its the end of the month again, and its time to announce the top winners and killers for skywars and survival games! So, here they are:
Top Skywars Winners:
Oldmanzangetsu: 420 wins (Gold rank ---> Emerald rank + 30,000 points)
MormonJudy: 396 wins (Stone rank ---> Diamond rank)
Claudecode: 310 wins (Stone rank ---> Gold rank)
SpartanFerret: 285 wins (Stone rank ---> Lapiz rank)
MCEruption: 253 wins (Gold rank ---> Diamond rank)

Top Skywars Killers:
MormonJudy: 3359 kills (+50,000 points)
Claudecode: 2938 kills (+40,000 points)
GOMSY: 2763 kills (+30,000 points)
martin_go: 2381 kills (+20,000 points)
Oldmanzangetsu: 2052 kills (+10,000 points)

Top Survival Games Winners:
9Taurus: 288 wins (Stone rank ---> Emerald rank)
DELICOUSDR69: 190 wins (Stone rank ---> Diamond rank)
gamebuster101: 179 wins (Iron rank ---> Diamond rank)
Katybug17: 177 wins (Stone rank ---> Lapiz rank)
JustxSomexBro: 147 wins (Stone rank ---> Iron rank)

Top Survival Games Killers:
DELICOUSDR69: 1277 kills (+50,000 points)
9Taurus: 1266 kills (+40,000 points)
gamebuster101: 864 kills (+30,000 points)
GamerGalCandy: 856 kills (+20,000 points)
MarkusBasso: 771 kills (+10,000 points)

Well done to everyone who managed to reach the top 5 for something!
Good luck this month!

Let me know of any problems encountered with receiving ranks or points!

But for now, cya later, rubik!
This was our April Fools joke, please stop messaging me about it!

Good morning all, as some of you late night owls might have noticed we have a little bit of downtime this morning. This was due to us switching over to the new network. Since I have joined CCG myself, Rubik and Halo have been working on a new way of hosting Minecraft and from today CCG is now using it. Rather than the traditional power hungry server software, Rubik has developed a new version (based on Bukkit) that allows for distributed processing over multiple cores and multiple machines. This means that as demand grows we can now just add more machines that increase the capacity of the network.

So what are we using, well for their size and power consumption we have chosen the Raspberry Pi. 3 Weeks ago we took delivery of 4,000 Raspberry Pis. This means that the network has capacity for around 4,500 people and we are going to be adding around 500 per week for the next 5 months. Funilly enough the main issue is that The Raspberry Pi Foundation (the people who make the Raspberry Pi) just can't keep up with our demand!

So what does this mean for you? Well our network is significantly more DDoS proofed as we're now on thousands of servers it will also mean less lagg and other issues as each player has pertty much their own CPU core and their own RAM.

We hope you like the new system and look forward to hearing your comments.

We are looking into an issue not allowing our server to be connected to, Sessions is down as well as Login server's over at mojang, everything crashed for an unknown cause and we are trying to find out why and what caused this.

Reports show we are not the only ones experiencing this, the majority of minecraft server's seems to be having issues too at the moment.

UPDATE #1: Issue was caused by a timings bug in all of our spigot backends we are working on fixing it and updating whats possible. Maintenance mode is currently enabled. Keep refreshing this for updates.

UPDATE #2: Still working on more back-end server's, getting core parts fixed to keep some functionality, degraded performance over the next few days IS expected.

UPDATE #3: This issue and its updates have been moved to the status page: