CubeCraft Games

In the last month lots of changes happened and we grew even further, therefore we would like to thank you and all of our staff for allowing this to happen! :)

Changes made in the last month include:
- Made many modifications to SkyWars, including the addition of fireworks, updated maps such as Rainbow and Pokemon maps, allowed everyone to spectate in the game, and heavily changed the join/leaving process of a SkyWars match.
- Added a shop to Survival Games and also added a few new maps and optimized it to work even better.
- Added some "dodgy floating trippy" signs in our lobbies.
- Many bug fixes and small additions across the entire network.

We have also recently introduced a SkyWars leaderboards showing the top killers and top winers for our SkyWars games. At the end of each month we will award these players with points or ranks, for free!

The Top Winners and Killers will be rewarded with Ranks and Points respectively, in case of ranks, if the player already has the rank or a higher rank then the reward, we will simply reward them with points.

Last months leaders are the following:

Top Killers:
1) MCEruption - Reward: 25000 points
2) gejzinek - Reward: 20000 points
3) Racingluca2001 - Reward: 15000 points
4) MTGamerPro912 - Reward: 10000 points
5) CookiePuffs - Reward: 5000 points

Top Winners:
1) Bob_the_Giraffe - Reward: 25000 points (Player already has Emerald Rank)
2) Elmer155 - Reward: Diamond Rank
3) MCEruption - Reward: Gold Rank
4) xxrainbowenderxx - Reward: Lapiz Rank
5) blossumwarrior - Reward: 5000 points (Player already has a higher rank then Iron)

Ranks and Points should be awarded just as we release this post, if you did not get your rank/points, then please post on this thread.

We are also working and developing major new additions such as a re-designed website (see the previous news post) and a much requested new rank, which is currently in development and will likely be released soon, plus we are working on even more fancy things that...

As some of you might have seen there's now over 20,000 posts in the Cube Craft Games community! I'd like to thank you all for your support and messages on the forums and here is to the next 20,000. There will be a new look coming to the forums soon and here is a sneak peek to celebrate the 20,000 posts.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 20.05.58.png
We hit 1300 players recently and thought we should share the record with our community, thanks for getting us to these massive numbers.

(Screenshot by Rubik)
Creative has been updated to support 1.7 fully, all new blocks and features can be used now.

We also hope that we fixed the recent plot issues too.