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Hello CubeCrafters!

It's been a while since I got to write an update but here we go.

Here's the TL;DR: We're removing games that had little to no players and have redesigned the lobby. If you'd like to know more read on!

We're aware that there are going to be players of the games we've removed who are very disappointed but we also think that you'll appreciate the fact that getting those games to start took a long long time and in some cases was impossible. We've tried to make sure that there is a balance between combat orientated games and games that are popular without combat. The last slot (currently "???") will be taken up by a featured game. Any guesses on what our first one might be?

Currently available in the new lobby is:
  • Tower Defence
  • Lucky Islands
  • SkyWars
  • EggWars
  • PvP
  • Parkour
  • ???????

It's been a long time coming for us to clean up all the mini-games we have and make the network both more manageable for us and better for players. With the decrease generally in the number of Minecraft Java players we've decided now is the right time. For the longtime CubeCraft players put yourself in the shoes of a new player who's joining the network for the first time (yes there are still a fair few of those!). If they joined one of our less popular games then they may have to wait quite a while for it to start. In fact that game may never start, which would be a very frustrating player experience. Decreasing the number of total games allows them to be full more of the time and make sure they begin quickly. We have had a similar experience on Bedrock and players can get in to a game quickly with it starting regularly.

Fewer games means that we can also focus on improvements to those games. I know that it frustrates members of the community when they suggest something, get feed back and even receive the "Escalated" tag but then not see it in the game weeks...
Hello CubeCrafters!
We did lots of great stuff over the past week, much update, very wow.

Lobby Update!
We have vastly improved how we display our games within lobbies. You can now play your favourites games even easier and quicker! Simply click the NPC, after you join the game it will start instantaneously! The NPC's in the lobby will display the current amount of players online in that game, this frequently updates.

forums-stat players.jpg

We released our Back To School Bundle! You will get an epic amount of exclusive loot and awesome new features with this bundle, so get it quickly. If you wish to purchase this, you will see an NPC in our lobby and for a low price of 990 minecoins.

Our Pioneer Bundle was for those very first few CubeCrafters who joined Bedrock and wanted to help support us by purchasing this bundle. We'd like to thank every single one of you that bought this, which allowed us to frequently update and improve your playing experience. There is now a limited time to buy this bundle which gives you an exclusive cage, chat tag [PIONEER] and change the colour of your name in chat.​


Improvements + Bug fixes
Our loot menu will keep expanding and we're going to be giving our players even more crazy content in the coming months. Have you ever wanted custom pets? We have so much planned and can't wait to share this with you.


  • Potion effects now display​
  • We have reduced high latency for some players​
  • We've added NPC's for our Games (including player count updates)​
  • Added two new secret stands for...​
Hello CubeCrafters,

Today we're happy to announce that we're releasing another 4 maps on our Bedrock network today! Lets have a look at the new maps:

Circuit - SkyWars Solo
Stay on track to win the game!

Golf - EggWars Solo
golf rz.jpg
Foooooooore CubeCraft

Greek - Survival Games
You may make a few ‘arch’ enemies here

Tropical - Survival Games
Only way to win is to ‘resort’ to violence!
Along with this, we have also been working really hard on targeting a lot of issues on the network, here is our changelog from the past few weeks:
  • Rolled out new Loot menu in the lobbies, allowing Pioneers to enable and disable features such as their prefix and cage.
  • Added new NPCs in the lobby for the Loot menu and Pioneer
  • Clicking on purpur blocks no longer causes them to change type
  • When a block is broken, it now shows block break particles
  • Added a whole load of sounds in games
  • Fixed Trap doors sometimes having awkward rotations
  • Fixed some cases of invisible entities
  • Chunk loading has been optimised with some fixes on chunk issues. We’re aware of some other chunk issues currently occurring as well, and we’re also looking into those.
  • Max render distance has been increased from 5 to 10 (we're planning on increasing this value more very soon)
  • Fix skins looking like you when you respawn in EggWars or die in SkyWars or Survival Games
  • New lobby join message
  • The loot menu is now in the second slot in your inventory so it is easier to access...
06-09-2018 - No Void.jpg

Hello CubeCrafters!

It's time to introduce a brand new Experiment for EggWars. Double Egg mode was the first taste of Experimental EggWars, but now it's time to up the Experimentation.

There's currently a Back to School Sale on our Store. 50% OFF EVERYTHING! Ranks, Multipliers, Cubelets and for a LIMITED TIME, Summer Cubelets are available only for 5 more days. Visit our Store HERE.
Experimental EggWars
Double Egg mode added a cool and interesting twist to the game, as rather than breaking one egg, you'd need to break 2. So now lets change up how you play EggWars. You no longer need to be careful travelling from island to island, as the void has been completely removed! That's right, you heard correctly. But you're probably wondering, "What's EggWars without a void?". This Experiment opens up the chances for so many new challenges, strategies and gameplays.

Will you be a rusher or egg protector? This gamemode needs your team to be smart, strong and good and communication, because with one wrong decision, your egg and even your life will be eliminated. As the void has been removed, with added new risks, blockers and challenges. Such as Lava, walls and water. You didn't think we would make the map too easy did you?

As this Experiment opens up the opportunity for a lot different attacks and strategies. That leaves one question... how will you play? Will you rush to break other team eggs? Will you attack using the walls surrounding the maps? Or just simply use usual EggWars methods?

As the void has been removed, we've also increased the default levels that the Iron and Gold generators are on the starting islands. This is to help players protect their eggs and themselves fast. This Experiment comes with 2 brand new maps, Mario and Volcano. More will be...​