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Hello CubeCrafters and Happy Valentine's!

Whilst we're still very busy and most of our time is dedicated to our "untitled survival in the sky game", we cannot forget about this loving event. Rather than forgetting about Valentine's day, we've added back our Valentine's maps on both our Java AND our Bedrock network! Read below to learn more about this mini update!

Team EggWars - Love
Will you destroy someone's egg this Valentine's?

Solo SkyWars - Valentine's
Them Swans make a cute couple...


How can we have a seasonal event without a sale? To celebrate, we've just activated a Valentine's sale on our store!
You can get 30% OFF Ranks and 40% OFF Point Multipliers, Cubelets, Packs and our Space Bundle!
But hurry! This sale doesn't last forever! <3

You can visit our Store here:

Also, we've added back our Valentine's Miniature pack. Which if you purchase one, you get to GIFT one to your significant other! Can you purchase it HERE!

miniatures (Compressed).jpg
Valentine's Miniature Pack


With this lovely update, we're also hosting some competitions for you to enter and have the chance to win some epic prizes. If you're good at making artwork or awesome at taking ingame selfies, then these competitions are the ones for you! Enter now!
Check out the Art competition >
Check out the Selfie competition >

We hope you enjoy this mini...

As the Admin Team had a revamp, it is about time the helper process got a revamp as well. After a lot of discussions, idea processing, idea destroying, and more brainstorming, we have finally come up with the final product!

Helper Applications

It feels like only eight months ago we reduced the requirements and now we are changing them again! This is due to our recent revamp of the way the Admin Team functions, and the desire to have a staff that is more focused in order to reach the goals of our changes. Now, the moment you all have been waiting for, here are the new requirements!

New Requirements:
  • Be at least 14 years old.
  • Be able to speak/understand English (Verbally and Typing).
  • Be active on the network.
  • Have Discord and Forums account.
  • Have a working microphone.
  • Be familiar with all of the rules.
  • Have the ability to record.
  • Not actively punished.
That is right! We have removed almost all of our requirements and released some more broad expectations for our applicants. We also reduced the age limit by one year!

We knew raising the age was quite a shock, and one that was not fully loved and also not fully despised. It did cut off some applicants and players that desired to help the server, making them wait for their birthday or two before they could apply again. Due to a few suggestions, and overall discussion with the team, we decided changing the minimum age was a great way to welcome more community members onto the team!

Alongside the requirements we are also introducing a set of values that we expect our helpers to represent. We will be looking for these "soft" requirements in the application and interview process:

Helper Values:
Honesty: This is a must have quality. If you lie, then you are representing something or someone that isn't you and in turn...
Hi everyone,

A slightly different post than usual!

We're making changes to how we run CubeCraft to ensure that you, our community, are at the heart of everything we are trying to achieve. We've got some people stepping up into new roles and so I wanted to take time explain our decisions.

FYI: There is a TLDR at the bottom! I've stolen some pictures from the Design team twitter to add some life into this post though!

First a brief backstory:

As I'm sure a lot of you are aware: 2018 and 2019 were tough years for us. Our server shrank and with it our team, resources and ability to deliver the things that we all wanted to see happen.

Over the past 6 months our Bedrock server and our marketplace team have had great success which we are incredibly proud of. However our Java network is and remains the heart of the CubeCraft Games network and it’s unfortunate we have not been able to put as much effort into as we would have liked.

We’ve always been proud of our community (some exceptions do apply...) and we were upset at the increasing sense of frustration and upset. A lot of this has been due to a perceived lack of communication - where we have definitely faulted but as explained above the past few years have been tough and there’s not been a lot of positive news to give out and so, perhaps mistakenly, we chose silence instead.
It's hard for us to be honest with you about issues - our goal is to provide great entertainment, not bore you with the details!

Looking forward:
image (1).png

Myself and the rest of the team are really excited for 2020 we’ve got some big things in the works and are wanting to refocus effort onto the Java network.

At the back end of 2019 we took on four new developers: @RDev_ , @Palombo, @Mindgamesnl and Pico. Effectively...
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Hello CubeCrafters!

It's time for part 2 of our amazing Christmas update for 2019! Within this update, we're bringing you Christmas maps, a NEW bundle, epic loot packs and even a skin competition! If you want to learn more about this update, read below.


What do you call a seasonal update without maps? "A bad update!". That's why we're now adding maps into our Christmas event! As usual, part 2 introduces our seasonal maps for SkyWars, EggWars, Lucky Islands, Tower Defence, MinerWare and Duels! Along with the maps, we've added challenges for most of the maps. There's an Explorer and Winner challenge. The Explorer challenge is where you need to play all of the maps to win the reward, which is 1 Christmas Cubelet. The Winner challenge is where you need to win in all of the maps to win the reward, which is 2 Christmas Cubelets. Think you've got the frostbite to give it a go? Challenge accepted!

Here are just some of the maps now available on our Java network:

Factory - Solo Lucky Islands

Feast - Team Lucky Islands (Teams of 6)

Gingerbread - Team Lucky Islands (Teams of 2)

Fireplace - Team EggWars (Teams of 2)

Snowflake - Solo SkyWars

Winter - Team SkyWars (Teams of 3)

Snowglobe - Solo Lucky Islands

Turkey - Tower Defence turkey.jpg

Stocking - Duels

Grotto - MinerWare
- Dinner (Team of 4)
- Winter (Team of 3)
- Snowflake...