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CubeCraft Games

EggWars Update - June 2017.png

Hello CubeCrafters!

Today, we’re releasing an eggcelent EggWars update! This update is heavily built around the features that you as a community have requested.

Better Shop
The Villager Shop has been useful but the old villager has been fired. We're replaced him with Ben, the new villager in charge of selling you resources at your time of need. Finding items you want is now a lot quicker and the layout should be much easier to find that sword you need before someone destroys your egg, not after!
quick shop.png

“But I preferred the old shop!?!?1”
OK ok... We didn't fire the old villager, we just swapped him out. Should you want to use the older version of the shop you can choose to switch back for specific categories in the shop settings. Simple. If you prefer the new version for armour but the old version for blocks you can do that.

Shop settings.png

One other issue that players had when purchasing items in a hurry was the accidental bulk buy. We've all been there, when you shift click on a leather cap and end up with 60 of them. Well no more! We've added a simple feature that buys certain items one at a time or in set quantities for items like blocks and food.

Shop Items
Ender Pearls, Ender Pearls, Ender Pearls… They’ve been quite a topic of discussion, and after an amazing one sided poll, we’ve chosen to add Ender Pearls into EggWars. (Normal mode, Normal items).

The punch bow (OF DOOM) has also been quite a hot topic, so we’ve also decided to bump the price of the bow to 25 diamonds, to help reduce camping and make it more of an "end of game" item. (Normal mode, Normal items).

Better Generators

We felt...
Better Together Update.jpg

Hello CubeCrafters!

As you might have all seen yesterday we appeared in the Microsoft Xbox E3 video for Minecraft. It gives me great pleasure to announce that we are working on CubeCraft coming to all the platforms supported by this update. Now don't worry we will be keeping our Java version (the current network) and that will not be going anywhere any time soon.

Here's the official trailer just incase you missed it!

This is such a big deal not just for CubeCrafters but Minecraft players as a community! You're going to be able to play your favourite CubeCraft games and maps on any platform you choose! From Xbox and Windows 10 to iOS and Android Devices, Nintendo Switch, or even the Amazon Fire TV. What's awesome about this is that the purchases made on these platforms will carry accross with your Xbox Live account so no matter where you want to play your CubeCraft purchases will be there with you.

We'll be posting more about this over the coming months and I look forward to being able to share more information with you. Until the launch I look forward to seeing you on the server.

Hello CubeCrafters,
The build team have been working hard and created some awesome maps for all of you to enjoy!

Survival Games - CubePark
Ride or die!

Speed EggWars - Jungle (Solo)
In the jungle, the mighty jungle... where the egg sleeps tonight

Speed EggWars - Library (Team)
This pun was way over due

SkyWars - Glass (Solo)
Playing this map will no longer be a 'pane'

SkyWars - Pokemon (Team)
Gotta kill em all!

Lucky Islands - Yeti (Team)
This pun was just a cold idea, yeti did it anyway

Lucky Islands - Underwater (Solo)
Water you reading this for?

  • SkyWars map updates
    • Added a new Team SkyWars map
    • Revamped the solo map Glass, added inner islands and moved middle further down
    • Every island now has an access point to get underground on the solo map Time
  • EggWars map updates
    • Added two Speed maps
    • Replaced the water on the map Magic with stained glass to prevent users flooding island
    • Made ladders easier to use across every map that uses them
    • Added better lighting on the map, Treehouse
    • Made the cloud flatter and smoother on the map, Tea Party
    • Made the area around the egg bigger on the speed map, Candy
  • Lucky Islands map updates
    • Added 2 new Lucky...
CubeCraft-Arcade 2 copy.png
Hello CubeCrafters, our overhauled Arcade is here!

Arcade has been shown so much love in this major update, with lots of new games, side challenges, a mixed arcade system and so much more! We have implemented not one, not two, but five brand new games! Some of these games use elements of the old arcade games but have been completely redesigned, providing a unique and exciting gameplay experience.


Introducing the new games...

Layer Spleef
We’ve kept all the elements of the original Spleef game and added some epic twists! Why offer Cubecrafter’s one Spleef mode, when we can offer seven in one! Layer Spleef is a game that offers multiple types of Spleef - randomly generating each game.

This means the first time you play, you could play Bow Spleef, TNT Run, Splegg. The next round you play this can change - you could play Splegg, Snow Spleef, Snow Decay.

That’s not all, in this unique CubeCraft spleefing experience, you can obtain power ups, with some being unique to their own layers. Big egg is definitely the best in my opinion on the splegg layer!

The old paintball was stale and repetitive. We have put a CubeCraft spin on this and changed the way you play this game entirely - In this revamp we’re launching with the team deathmatch gamemode, which is full of features! The game will never feel repetitive again as epic defensive custom structures generate in front of your eyes as you are playing!

There are various power ups you can obtain, every map will have a power weapon that will spawn, some maps have two! These weapons are extremely powerful, you can obtain an epic rocket launcher and cause devastating damage to the enemy team's defences. We had so much fun using these awesome custom guns during...