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We've teased it on stream a few times and here it is, the EggWars update you've all been waiting for! We've got new maps, abilities, emerald generators, a new kit, and more! Make sure to send some love to @Mintcraftian for his hard work developing this update!

We've added three abilities to give you that slight extra edge over your opponents. For full specifics on the abilities, make sure to check out the shop in any EggWars lobby!

Egg Cracker - Chance for positive potion effect after breaking an egg
Feather Weight - Chance of taking 50% less fall damage
Iron Belly - Chance to gain bonus saturation when eating

Other Game Updates
Emerald Generators have been added to some new maps and some old maps. They work differently than other generators and allow you to get special map specific items! Rather than always generating emeralds, they will ONLY generate if a player is standing near them, meaning you can't just run in, grab emeralds, and run away. They also only appear in the middle of maps, which will encourage players to push to the middle and help make camping harder! A list of the maps that Emerald Generators are on can be found at the bottom.

If you're like me and are great at accidentally falling to your death, the new Feather Feet kit is for you! It will spawn you with a pair of feather falling boots and help prevent those deadly accidental falls! For the full game and map changelog, check out the spoiler at the bottom of this post.

New Maps
As always, the build team has done eggcellent work with the new maps! Make sure to send some love their way.

Western (Teams of 5)
This is gonna be wicked... wicky wicky wild wild wild west!
I'm very happy to announce that we've just brought out a Christmas update, with lots of new maps, adventures and more!

- Present Hunt + Christmas Lobby -
We've released a present hunt in our main lobbies. Find all of Santa's missing presents and you shall be rewarded with an awesome Present Shower win effect and an epic Candy Cane hat. These rewards are only around for Christmas, so make sure to get hunting while you can!


- Maps -
The build team have been extremely busy building seasonal maps. We'll be bringing back some of your favourite maps from last year, so stay tuned. Make sure to take an Elfie selfie in the lobby and tweet us.
This is just the beginning of some awesome maps!

EggWars - Fireplace (Team)
Games are heating up

SkyWars - Presents (Solo)

I present you another map

SkyWars - Winter (Team)
This game should be olaf

Tower Defence - Turkey
This requires strategy, don't run around like headless turkeys

Minerware - Grotto
Will you be lucky in this months draw of gr-lotto

- Vanity Items -
Along with this, we've also re-released some of last year vanity items, as well as 3 new vanity items. These can be obtained through completing the present hunt, cubelet machines or purchasing them using vanity points.

Merry Christmas,
The CubeCraft Team.​

Hey everyone, today we have an awesome Minerware update for you all. New microgames, boss games, maps and the addition of achievements make Minerware better than ever!

New Microgames
We've added 7 new microgames and 3 new boss games, a list of which can be found below:

Ride a Cow
Ignite the TnT
Don't Stop Sneaking
Avoid the TnT
Hatch Chickens
Enchant the Item
Build a Snow Golem
Boss Game - Lucky PvP
Boss Game - Bow Spleef
Boss Game - Spleef

Victory will be within the palm of your hands

Have a dino-mite time!

Head over to the server and play some Minerware! Good luck to all the achievement hunters out there.​
Hey everyone, we are very happy to bring you an awesome SkyWars update! New maps, map update, bug fixes and some new features are here for you to try out now. We've balanced abilities, added language support, and more! Find the full changelogs for game and maps below.

- Dutch and Spanish language support
- Balanced abilities
- Custom fancy death messages
- Added the ability to craft god apples
- Nerfed punch bows in OP mode, max level is 1 now
- Team signs now display the team sizes
- Fixed bug where puffer fish gives unlimited speed, achievement invincible and fisherman kit
- Added map specific items
- More practical lobby layout

New Maps
In addition to all the updates and fixes to old maps this update also includes 11 brand new and updated maps! Check out the spoiler below for images of some of them (and puns, thanks @Efcluke94). And be sure to watch the awesome cinematic by @Alex_de_Grote and @Max111D.

Candy (Solo)
Should be a piece of cake
Desert (Solo)
I like the dessert above and I like the desert below
End (Solo)
This will be the end of you
Mushroom (Solo)
There's mushroom to PvP
Nether (Solo)
Nether be afraid to parkour to mid
Rainbow (Team)
Somewhere over the rainbow ...