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Hellooooooo CubeCrafters,

It’s been a long time coming but I am very glad to finally be able to share something that we have been working on for a while, Sentinel. Yes, after months of development, testing and sitting silently on the network gathering data we’re finally ready to release Sentinel. In case you haven’t guessed Sentinel is our new anti-cheat.

It’s no secret that we grew very quickly in a very short period of time over the last few years and the downside to that was that we didn’t get time to implement every feature that we wanted as our players increased. This release marks the initial deployment of a completely new system for the detection of illegal client modifications.

OK, What is Sentinel?
What a great question! Sentinel is an in-house written system that is always listening to what players are doing and how they’re playing. It has a large number of detections that work together to detect any abnormal behaviour from a player which can then lead to identification of illegal modifications.

Great! Hackers get banned straight away right!
Not exactly. To help prevent a constant cat and mouse game between ourselves and the mod developers we just log that a certain username is to be banned. This is common practice in many other games and on many other Minecraft Servers. Upon initial release we will be running ban waves on a daily schedule and in the future we will be increasing the frequency. It's not impossible that in the future we may move to instant bans.

Wait, you've made a system and you’re just going to release it?
No. As I mentioned above, Sentinel has been running on our network for quite a while initially logging data for us to look at then aiding staff members in locating cheaters across the network. This release contains just a small section of the detection methods we have after all, science fiction is always telling us what happens when you let...
Hey everyone, are you ready to fight to the death in this new epic Survival Games update? New features, bug fixes, three epic new maps and more! May the odds be ever in your favour.

In the spirit of the original Hunger Games on which Survival Games is based, we've added a very cool sponsoring feature! Now once you die spectating isn't your only option! You'll also be able to help affect the game by sponsoring a player of your choice with some randomised items. Simply type /sponsor (player) to get access to the sponsorship menu.

From there you'll be able to pick from 4 different categories - Armour, Weapons, Food, and Other. Once you have made your selection a chest will fall from the sky near your sponsored player filled with randomised items from the category you chose.

New World Events
We're also releasing 2 new world events: Earthquake and Sugar Rush!
During Earthquake, the ground will shake uncontrollably and so will you! Hitting players becomes a lot more challenging and be careful of being indoors as buildings collapse leaving a true path of destruction.

Sugar Rush brings delicious sugary cake falling from the sky. Eating some of these treats will give you a burst of a random positive potion effect, hopefully helping you to win the game!

New Maps

This is one sweet map.
Do not desert your teammates​
And they all lived happily ever after.... then SG began!​

Tomorrow (Wednesday 1st March) at 7pm GMT we'll be doing our first Midweek stream, and we'll most definitely be playing plenty of Survival Games! If you wish to come and watch us live you can watch us...​
SpeedEggWars_Game copy.jpg

Hello CubeCrafters, today we have an EPIC EggWars update for you all to enjoy! On top of the epic new maps, we have an entirely new EggWars gamemode, Speed EggWars! Read on to learn more about this amazing update.

Epic New Lobby!


Speed EggWars

Ever wanted to play a game of EggWars that would only last 10-20 minutes rather than 30+? Well then Speed EggWars is for you!

Smaller maps, permanent speed boost, tweaked shop prices/items and more will make for the fastest, most intense games of EggWars you've ever played! On top of the gameplay changes, speed mode also has its own unique kits and abilities!

Speed Kits
Mixing Spoon - Knockback 1 wooden shovel
Eggsplosives - 3 TNT, blast protection 2 chainmail chestplate
Golden Shell - Gold armor
Steak and Eggs - Player receives 3 seconds of resistance when they eat steak
Mastermine - Permanent haste 1
Egg Legs - 2 speed 2 potions

Speed Abilities
Born to Crack - X% chance to get haste after breaking a block of obsidian
Upgrader - X% chance to get a speed effect after upgrading a generator
Golden bounty - X% chance to get 10 - 20 golden bars after breaking an egg

Normal Ability
Magic Touch - X% chance to get a block back upon breaking it

New Achievements
Big Egghead- Win your first game of Solo Speed Eggwars
Feather in Your Cap- Win 10 games of Solo Speed Eggwars
I Am the Eggman- Win 100 games of Solo Speed Eggwars
Velocious Victor- Win 1000 games of Solo Speed Eggwars
Vanquisher of Eggs- Win 10000 games of Solo Speed Eggwars

Egg Poacher- Break 100 eggs total in Solo Speed Eggwars
Eggsecution- Get 10 kills without dying
Egg Noggin- Win a game with only a helmet for armor
Foul Up- Win a game after dying 10 times
Slaughterhouse- Kill 5 players with no egg in one...
Hey everyone, today we've got an EPIC Lucky Islands update for you all to enjoy! Read on to find out about the new events, new wands, new maps, new achievements and more that is crammed into this huge update.

More Than 20 New Lucky Blocks!
Frosty the snowman
Gotta go fast - splash potion of speed
Mob spawn eggs
Meteor event
Cage fight
Squid explosion
Pig rider
Suddenly you feel ill
Hot potato
Enderman with a chest
Pressure plate
Haybales and scarecrow
Knockback sword
Player tracker
Tamed wolf
Money rain
Meteor strike

On top of all the brand new Lucky Blocks, many of the existing ones have been improved with special effects and fancy sounds! Below is a sneak peek of one of these effects. Head over and play to discover them all!​

Brand New Wands!
The resource pack has been overhauled and now features 3D wand models, as seen below!

8 New Maps!
Tokyo - Team
You donut believe how excited we are about this map update!

Creek - Team

Make sure nobody creeks up on you

Science - Team
Map rat-ed 5/7

Cactus - Team

If you've desert-ed your teammates, you're gonna' have bad time

Pond - Solo