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CubeCraft Games


We are excited to announce that the CubeCraft team will be attending MINECON 2016 later this month in Anaheim California! We will be hosting two panels during the event, Game Design and Development with Minecraft as well as Building Communities from Bedrock Up. You can view a full schedule of events for MINECON HERE.

For those curious, the members of our team attending will be myself, @johncoles, @andyschofie, @Marco Slater, @rubik_cube_man, @Efcluke94 and @GingerGeek. A few of our staff team and devs will be there as well (including @Minikloon @CARDAN16 @CyanYellow and @Foodyling).

If you will be there, be sure to let us know. We're looking forward to hopefully meeting some of our awesome players!​

You can now connect to CubeCraft using 1.8 clients to play SkyWars and EggWars! You will need to connect using a 1.9 or 1.10 client to play our other games. The switch is automatic, all you need to do to access the 1.8 server is join with a 1.8 client.

This does NOT mean 1.9/1.10 SkyWars and EggWars are gone. Just connect with 1.9/1.10 to keep playing on those versions :)

To celebrate the return of 1.8 we are doing a storewide sale as well as an Obsidian rank giveaway on Twitter! You can enter the giveaway by retweeting THIS tweet and following us on Twitter if you don't already.​

We worked really hard on pushing Minecraft's boundaries and today I'm pleased to reveal the fruit of our efforts: Blockband.
It's the most advanced Minecraft rhythm game out there and is totally featured-packed!

The game features a stunning 25 songs across amateur and pro mode!


How to play

Step 1: Pick a song!

Step 2: Tap the note on your hotbar when it reaches the line!

The game doesn't have any main lobby. Instead, each player has their own lobby and can pick the song they wish to play when they want.


Blockband features 5 unlockable themes which you can unlock using Vanity Points.
Here are 3 of them as a preview.


Play in your natural habitat

Boom Rock

Go big or go home


Back to basics
Hey everyone, we have a great PvP and Assassins update for you all! We've got new duel maps, new duel kits and some Assassins changes based on feedback from the community.

New PvP Duel Kits
Duel your friends with the new kits and prove you're the best at PvP!
OP: UHC, Ninja, Bomber, Health.
Normal: Hunter, Trapper
1.8: Mender,
Insane: Cow, Witch, Apple Smash
Soup: Pyromania, Kangaroo, Wither

New PvP Maps

Space - Wings
If you're trying to escape, plan-et! use your wings

i play Pokemon go everyday!

As barren as my heart

An element of fun

Don't ruin your chances by dying

Game of thrones red wedding venue... royalty only


Based on feedback from our awesome community, we've tweaked some of the shop prices in Assassins
Nerfed poison to Poison I and made price 150 coins
Instant damage - 20 to 120 coins
Strength 300 to 200 coins
Strength II 400 to 550 coins
Golden apples 60 to 100 coins
Milk has been added for 12 coins

We've also added a Coin Exchanger! Simply talk to the coin exchanger to get all your coins converted to the smallest possible stacks. They do charge a small fee for this service though, so keep that in mind.


As many of you have already noticed over the past few weeks, there are now English, Dutch and Spanish language options available in the settings...​