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CubeCraft Games


Hey everyone, we have an awesome Blockwars update for you all, Core mode! Plus a new kit, new maps and bug fixes!

While this may seem like a subtle and small change, you'll quickly realise how much it changes the game when you play. Core mode favours much more hectic and team oriented play styles and some kits are extra effective, such as miner or bomber. There is now a core, where the flag usually is in CTF mode. Mining out the core block will lower the enemy core's health by 1. Bring the enemies health to zero to win!


Ever wanted to have a mob fight alongside you? Then the new Summoner kit is perfect for you! Every 60 seconds you can use the bone to spawn 1 of 4 mobs (zombie, skeleton, creeper or slime). This mob will automatically attack enemy players for you and you'll even get the credit if they score a kill!

We've also brought back modifiers and you can vote for half blocks, double blocks, low gravity and speed modes if you're diamond +. Modifiers help keep the game fun and unique!

The Bridge
Bridge your way to victory!


Don't be negative... stay positive

Castle Wars

In other words... Game of Thrones

Also I know everyone is going to ask where updates such as EggWars abilities, Freebuild and UHC are. They are all in the works and have only been delayed so that we can make sure they are as perfect as possible. All the updates you want are coming as soon as possible!​
Hi everyone!
We are very excited to announce CubeCraft's latest game : Minerware!
It's a classic from The Chunk which has been totally remixed into a brand new and improved game.

How to play


The game takes place through 16 microgames picked from a pool of 35+.
Each microgame you win rewards you 1 point.
The last microgame is a boss game and rewards you 3 points!
The top 3 players with the most points win the game!


There are 3 maps on release

Hey look it's Team Valor

No pun intendo

Building your way to victory!

Can't wait to see you in game!


Hello CubeCrafters,
Today we’re bringing you a full Survival Games overhaul! This includes new maps, kits, voting and a new TEAM mode!​


The build team has redesigned the lobby to follow the new layout. There's a vortex jump, parkour, a selfie area and a few easter eggs around the lobby too! The lobby now contains quick join armour stands. Premium users can also take advantage of the Map Selection by right clicking the armour stands next to each sign board. The lobby now also has leaderboards for both Top Solo Winners and Top Team Winners!

Make sure to follow our Build Team on Twitter HERE!​

If pictures and text bore you, then here's a cinematic made by @Alex_de_Grote one of our Builders! Massive thanks to him for it.

Solo Survival Games
We’ve updated our Solo Survival Games to have new kits and ton of new achievements. Please note that teaming in Solo Survival Games is now a punishable offence. The staff team will start enforcing these rules in a week or two to give you enough time to transition.

Don’t worry your Survival Games statistics are still the same!​

Team Survival Games
We’ve added a brand new team mode to Survival Games. Teams are currently either 2 or 4 large. To join the team games simply click the “SG Teams” signs. Team sizes are shown by a number in square brackets like this “[2]” or in the map name if you're joining via the Map Selection.

Teams also now have statistics and achievements!​

We’ve added Voting to...​
Hello everyone! We are very excited to bring you an awesome update to Lucky Islands! New maps, new lobby, achievements, leaderboards and more. Read on for the full details regarding this update! In order to add leaderboards and achievements we've had to overhaul the stats which required a full stats reset. Worry not, you now have a chance to go hardcore and claim that top leaderboard spot! Best of luck ;)

New Maps
Once again @Alex_de_Grote has made an epic cinematic to show off the maps built by the amazing build team. Be sure to check it out and drop a sneaky like.

Clouds (Solo)
If you get lucky, am sure you will be on cloud 9

Ruins (Solo)
"If you are unlucky, this evening is ruined" Stewie said.

Crossroads (Solo)

Hypeeeeee train

Butterfly (Team)

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

Elven (Team)
Leaf your island quickly to get to middle, I wood do that

Dinner (Team)
This pig tried to fly... wasn't too lucky

Music (Team)
Very noteworthy

Orc (Team)
Orcward when your friend is on the other team

Art (Team)
Time to paint the town re... multicoloured!

New Drops...​