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Hello every, as April finishes and we advance quickly into May, it is now time for me to announce the winners of skywars and survival games!

Top Skywars winners:
bjornebjorn97: Stone ---> Emerald
GOMSY: Iron ---> Emerald
mjtm76: Stone ---> Gold
XMOAB2DEATHX: Iron ---> Gold
javier301120: Stone ---> Iron

Top Skywars killers:
bjornebjorn97: +50,000 points
GOMSY: +40,000 points
SnowPulse202: +30,000 points
javier301120: +20,000 points
XMOAB2DEATHX: +10,000 points

Top Survival Games winners:
ImmortalMind: Stone ---> Emerald
gamerguy2506: Iron ---> Emerald
_Nibbsy_: Iron ---> Diamond
vTiki: Gold ---> Emerald
KatieJNimz: Stone ---> Iron

Top Survival Games killers:
_Nibbsy_: +50,000 points
gamerguy2506: +40,000 points
ImmortalMind: +30,000 points
9Taurus: +20,000 points
snazzysiblings: +10,000 points

And if there any problems with the infomation above, feel free to PM me and I will be sure to reply as soon as possible!
So yea, we hit a new record today, at 2000 players.
The exact record is 2011 at April 27 2014 18:42:20 (GMT+0)

We thank our massive community for making this possible! :)

Here's a screenshot for confirmation: (Open thread to see it)
We have updated to support 1.7.8, we are testing it and seeing how well it works, there could be bugs and glitches, a known thing is that skins are likely not to work properly.

UPDATE: We are aware of the "Outdated server! Pretending to be 1.7.8" error message, its caused by the client and not the server, but we are working on it.

EDIT: Can everyone email mojang and tell them to stop breaking their game? :(
( )

EDIT: Recently we do believe that we have fixed this bug, but this has meant that everyone will now be Steve until we can get the network stable again. This is because of Mojang's awful new method of managing skins, which makes it a nightmare for us, luckily for us, people at are working on updates to support new skins.
Also, if you log into the server, and you start crashing, that is because the currently, minecraft servers, are offline, the current status of them can be found here:
As usual Mojang decided to do their update catastrophe and break minecraft entirely, once again.

1.7.7/1.7.6 at the moment have a bug in them causing them to error out saying "Outdated server, pretending to be 1.7.7" or similar errors, I've personally tested this and its a bug seen and reported across other major minecraft networks, an easy fix for this is downgrade to 1.7.5, which can be done easily using the default minecraft launcher.

Under the profile section of the launcher click "Edit Profile" then go to the Version Selection section and select "release 1.7.5" (or lower. 17.2 and 1.7.4 also work fine) under the "Use version:" dropdown box, click "Save Profile" and start the game.

UPDATE: We are no longer compatible with 1.7.7 or 1.7.8, this choice was made due to the many bugs present in those versions.

Comment on any other issues you may find as we are looking into more stuff Mojang decided to break in this update.