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So CubecraftGames has recently changed Kit PVP 3 into OP PVP. This means all players will have access to high lvl kits, cool enchanted weapons and armour. Hope you have fun with this little update. (Thanks Creeper7067 for the suggestion)


Also points multipliers have been added to games lobby, when someone activates a multiplier it will give everyone on the server who is playing that specific game, double points. When you activate these awesome multipliers everyone will know you have done it, have an hour of fame. Buy them now at:

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Hey CubeCrafters!

This is a quick post to say that we should now be both 1.7 and 1.8 compatible!

1.8 features are still not available as of now, and will be implemented in the future, as of now this is just compatibility for 1.8 clients to connect.

So far this has been the fastest update we have ever managed to do, as you probably noticed. Only some servers are experiencing issues, and are being updated to work again as of me writing this. (You will see them under maintenance)

As for name-changing, when they release it, we highly suggest you DON'T change your name, as it could cause your account to be reset or loose ranks/other issues. We will have to test ourselves to patch any bugs first. So if you change your name, its at your own risk, we bear no responsibility for the loss of but not limited to items/ranks/points/statistics.

So, have fun playing and looking at that sexy tab list now! :)
Hello CubeCrafters,

Today we've released a new friends system.

This friend system will allow you to add/remove friends and keep a friends list with users of our server network.

Its current functionality is to show you if they are online, as well as showing server messages when they join/leave if you have them as a friend.

Since we have been working on this for a short time, we are still at the beginning, thats the only thing it features at the moment, further updates will allow you to see what servers they are in when logged in (say they are in creative for example), allow you to have parties with people in your friends list, which will allow you to join a match (e.g. skywars) with all your friends at once, and will eventually in the future feature more fancy functionality, like a cross-server chat for your friends group and more.

We look forward to making this much more in-depth and fun of a system then it is now, but even with just its current functionality it is quite cool to have.

We also realized we are late to jump on the bandwagon with these systems, this is due to development of new mini games and servers has always been higher on our priority list then something like a friend system. :)

The friends system works perfectly fine even when offline. You can send a friend request to players that are not online, and they will be able to accept it the next time they log in.

The friend system is available via the /friend command.

As a last note, I would like to mention the friends system does have a friend limit to prevent abuse or spam, donator classes cause this limit to be raised, as the chances of actual abuse of any part of the server by a donator is much less likely then with a casual player, below is the list.

- Stone: 10 friends
- Iron: 20 friends.
- Lapiz: 30 friends.
- Gold: 40 friends.
- Diamond: 50 friends.
- Emerald: 60 friends.
- Obsidian: 70 friends.

If you have further suggestions feel free to post them in the replies to this thread,...
This news post is a follow up on our previous post, we have gotten your (quite angry) feedback on the changes we did, so @johncoles has made a very good video that greatly explains the current situation of the EULA-related "madness" (as I call it), and its impact on CubeCraft Games, and what we plan to do in the following months.

Complaints to Mojang:

General FAQ:

Q: Did I loose my rank, or will I loose my rank in the future because of these changes?
A: No, no ranks will be taken away because of this, the only things that change are the features and abilities each rank has.

Q: Can I still donate?
A: Yes, our donations page is fully operational, I've seen many people say donations won't work anymore, which is absolutely not true.

Q: Will the features we removed be added back?
A: Yes, via different methods of purchase, such as in-game earned points (soft currency), or other methods we are still working on, the removal is a temporary change we have done to follow the EULA, as we were cut short in time.

Q: But I donated before the 1st, I want my kits!
A: All donators before the 1st will have everything unlocked as they had before once things will be able to be purchased via points. (see previous Q/A)

Q: Will CubeCraft shutdown because of this?
A: No, we will do our best to survive these changes, even with reduced income we will still keep running, we thank everyone who is still donating after these changes, we understand the value of the rank is not worth paying for, but to whom is still donating it shows they are doing it in appreciation of our work, and not the rank itself. But nonetheless we will be compensating for the loss of features with other EULA-compliant things, so do not worry, we have big plans ahead.

For anyone that has a question not answered in the video, or the follow-up FAQ, please post it as a comment/reply to this post, and...