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Hey, so to get Cubecrafter's into the Halloween spirit, the team has decided to release a spooky Halloween themed PvP map, which will replace the outdated Xmas one in Kit PvP 1. Kit PvP 1 will now be dedicated as the holiday themed PvP, each season, we will release a festive map. In addition I will be hosting a Halloween build comp, a chance for players to win ranks!

Kit PvP 1
by: Efcluke94
Trick or retreat, because people will hear the sound of your heartbeat!! Mwahahahahahahahahaha, RUN

Halloween Build Competition
Link to all the info of how to enter and win:
May the best ghoul or zombel win!!
Hey, so I thought I'd highlight some of the hidden heroes of the server for putting lots of effort in helping updating certain parts of the server. Kit PvP 2 and Parkour has undergone a lot of change the past month(s). Hope you enjoy it as much as me :)

@OrangeGrapeEater has updated PvP

Kit PvP 2:
  • Added Rewards
  • Added 1 vs 1 arena
  • Added hidden Easter Eggs
  • Added Drop Party area
  • Added Parkour PvP arena - Link to original post

@Minimooseha (AKA Hallucinated) and @Lukey_Dude has updated Parkour

  • Added a new Adventure map
  • Added numerous new categories - over 20
  • Added numerous parkours - over 40 - Link to original post
Hello CubeCrafters

Today marks a very important release of ours, a project we have been working on for months now.

Everyone knows about the EULA at this point, and there is no way to hide that it has put quite some limits of what we are able to give to our lovely donators, so in these months we have come up with and have coded something we call the "Houses" or "Homes" server.

We wanted to create something that would be fun to have for our users, would be legal in regards to the EULA, and would recall the feel of Minecraft as a game, so we did.

A house in minecraft is the most basic thing of all Minecraft gameplay, you need it to hide from mobs, you need it to store your valuables, and have something to do during the night time, we noticed a house is also something our server lacks, like many other hub servers out there.

The Houses server will now be inside the compass menu or by doing /home on any server within our network.

Doing either of those will take you to a houses server, in there you can have your own home, customizable by picking from many templates our builders have put together in these months, in this home of yours you can modify it to your likings by adding the furniture you would want to have inside, and you can invitie all of your friends to have a party in it!


When you do /home on cubecraft, it will take you to the houses server, and place you inside a world, in it you will be able to find two specific mobs, a skeleton and a pig.

Right clicking the skeleton will give you the shop menu, in there you can choose your houses and furniture for them.


When you get a house, it instantly builds it for you in the appropriate spot, you will notice it clearly, and we believe the building effect to be the best part of it all. (You will see why :) )

When you get additional items, such as furniture, gardens, or even block-based cars, they will be in the storage menu, which you can...
Lately we have seen the Game Lobbies have been a big source for spam, harassment, confusion, and lots of swearing, we also could not fail to notice that a lot of people we causing load on our systems by constantly swapping servers if they didn't like the maps or such.

To counter these things we changed things up a bit.

For the chat part, you can now only chat with your friends. When you send a message only your friends will see them, and when they chat only their friends will see them, this works even if you are on separate game lobbies. If you are on the same game lobby, you will also be able to see only them when you hide all the players.

Also to note, if you have someone in your friend that someone else doesn't, you will be able to see their messages, and they will see your replies, but all your other friends will be able to see the replies, bear this in mind. ("Who are you talking to?")

We believe that was a good choice to make, since it will greatly improve the freedom of communication with your friends, so you can easily match up on the same SkyWars games, or any other games.

For the load on our systems countermeasure, we have implemented a cool-down time that is applied every time you join the Game Lobbies. The cooldown time is 30 seconds, and its only applied to stones, donators, which we thank a lot for keeping us alive, do not have these restrictions.

That also seemed to be the only plausible way to stop people from switching server every 10 seconds, which causes us a lot of issues.

If you have any positive and/or helpful feedback for us on the subject on these changes, then feel free to post it below.