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CubeCraft Games

Happy Holidays CubeCrafters!

The Maps
What a wonderful time of the year! Another map update, I have received so many amazing suggestions for Christmas maps, including making a seasonal version of the classic EggWars map Tea Party, hopefully this will be just as chaotic and fun. We have brought back a bunch of maps that I've seen requested on forums and in response to our last map update, so enjoy!

EggWars - XmasParty (Team of 5)
I hope this map is the tur-key to your hearts

EggWars - Frosty (Solo)
Frosty the snowman had a very shiny nose egg

Lucky Islands - Gingerbread (Team of 2)
Be b-ready!

Lucky Islands - Snowglobe (Solo)
Will you have a Christmas miracle? Probably s-no-w

Tower Defence - Turkey
Have a good strategy in this game, don't get stuffed

SkyWars - Winter (Team of 3)
I hope you are the win-ter

Duels - Stockings
Make sure you sleigh all your enemies
Happy Holidays CubeCrafters!

The Maps
Hope you're having a fun CubeCraft Christmas so far, while wrapping up warm in big jumpers and drinking lots of hot chocolate, I know I am!

We have released 6 maps this week to celebrate the festive season. Any veteran players out there will recognise a few of these, so you can enjoy them all over again and recapture those nostalgic moments. We will be releasing even more maps over the holiday season, so enjoy.
Luke is very sorry for a certain pun

SkyWars - Dinner (Team of 4)
Winner winner turkey dinner

SkyWars - Snowflake (Solo)
When in a fight, don't flake out

EggWars - Fireplace (Team of 2)
It's litmas everyday bro

Lucky Islands - Feast (Team of 6)
Feast your eyes on this map

Lucky Islands - Factory (Solo)
There is a candycane on this map, that's a fact-ory

Minerware - Grotto
I present the last map

Hello CubeCrafters!

It's December, and that means it's Christmas time. To celebrate, we've got some amazing things in store for you...

Firstly we've got a 30% OFF Christmas Sale with FREE* T-Shirts!

Today we're really excited to announce our Christmas Sale with 30% off all digital items! But that's not all - We want to make sure that you all have a GREAT Christmas - Therefor every purchase made on store.cubecraft.net will receive a FREE* T-shirt!

You can buy a rank, an upgrade, miniatures or multipliers! It doesn't matter what you buy - After you complete your purchase, you'll get an email containing a unique promo code to use on merch.cubecraft.net that will reduce any t-shirt price to £0!

*T&C's Apply - You will have to pay for postage & packaging to your country, and the offer is limited to one code/free t-shirt per username. Offer ends 7th January 2018 or if stocks run out, whichever is sooner. The promotion can be stopped at any point without prior warning.

Christmas Hub and Present Hunt
The builders have been working very hard to bring you guys a brand new Christmas Hub for 2017! It's filled with Christmas joy and presents, and there's also a Present Hunt available! Hunt and collect all 25 present heads to win an amazing new WIN EFFECT and HAT!

New Christmas Hub - Wuba Luba Hub Hub!

Amazing new Christmas win effect - Treetastic!

How could we forget Christmas Games?! We've got a BRAND NEW game this year....

Hello CubeCrafters!

Today we've got double trouble for you! Firstly, we have a HUGE BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND SALE with 50% OFF EVERYTHING - Including Ranks, Multipliers, Miniatures and Merch! Sale ends midnight on Monday 27th of November.

Secondly, if thats not enough for you, we've got a Lucky Islands update! We've gathered loads of feedback and amazing suggestions so read on to find out about the new gamemodes, new maps, new lucky blocks, new wands and much more!

Onto the update...​

New Gamemodes
One of the main new features added into this update are the new gamemodes. We've got two new modes called Crazy and Blessed and you'll be able to vote for these before the game starts. If you thought Lucky Islands couldn't get any more chaotic, then you're wrong! With Crazy mode random world events occur every couple minutes - These can be positive or negative.

Ever thought your luck is bad? Only opening bad blocks? Wishing you had a four-leafed clover in your pocket? Well with Blessed mode you're in luck! This gamemode changes the luck of all Lucky Blocks on the map to give only positive rewards, meaning you won't be blown up by a squid or poisoned by a witch anymore at the start of the game... *insert triggered meme here*​

New Lucky Blocks
The last Lucky Islands update added 20 new Lucky Blocks, but with this update we've added a total of 26 new Lucky Blocks! These include:

Frost Path Wand
Potion Wand
Exploding bow
Frozen bow
Shotgun bow
Automatic bow
Grappling bow
Fire sword
Archer tower
Melon tower
Poison cloud
Cage trap
Luckblock trap
Chorus tree
Quick craft

New Wands
We couldn't add new Lucky Blocks without adding new wands! So with...​