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Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

It's that time of the year again, when the sun is out, boiling hot weather arrives and everyone enjoys eating ice cream. Here at CubeCraft, we love all of the seasons, but especially Summer. For the first time on our Bedrock network, we're releasing a Summer update! Please read this thread in full, to learn what we've added to our Bedrock network.

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Our Bedrock lobby now finally has a hot Summer theme, for the first time ever. Filled with sand, ice cream and more sand, you'll have a fun time exloring this Summer packed lobby. Find an awesome place in the lobby, and take a selfie, and tweet it to @CubeCraftPocket. Will you be able to find all the ice lollies with faces? Or a pig in a rubber ring?! Let us know what your favourite part of the lobby is.

lobby - pe.jpg
Bedrock Summer lobby 2019.

Do you like Summer... and beachballs? Well now you can have both! Whilst exploring the new Summer lobby, can you find all of the 15 Beachballs scattered round the lobby? Let the hunt commence!

Obtaining a beachball in the lobby.
Oh... I almost forgot! If you complete the Beachball hunt, you'll unlock an exclusive win effect, called Sandstorm. So what are you waiting for? Get to hunting!

Exclusive Sandstorm win effect, rewarded from the Beachball hunt.

Summer bundle.jpg

If you want to join the Summer fun train and celebrate it even more, we now have limited time exclusive loot bundle on Bedrock. The Summer Bundle is now out on our Bedrock server store. Packed with 2 Buddies, 3 Cages, 1 Egg...
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Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

At the start of 2019, we released a brand new exciting and insane mode to our SkyWars called "Chaos SkyWars". A lot of players loved the gamemode and even wanted it added to our Java network. You need to have at least VIP level 1 to enter, or be partied up with a player that had VIP level 1 or higher.

Chaos SkyWars is an insane version of our normal SkyWars mode. Adding new maps, overpowered chest loot, auto bridges and much more.

Chaos SkyWars gameplay.

free weekend.jpg

For this weekend only (21st - 24th June), Chaos SkyWars will be open to EVERYONE! You can be VIP level 0 or 4, it does not matter, you'll have full access to play this chaotic gamemode.

Chaos SkyWars is normally a 4 player 1v1v1v1 gamemode, but exclusively for this event, we've upped the players from 4 to 8! So it's now a 2v2v2v2 gamemode! This is to allow more players to have the chance to join and play this epic twist gamemode. After the event concludes, Chaos SkyWars will return to being exclusive for VIP level 1+ players. The player count per game will also be reduced from 8 to 4 again. But in other great news, join Chaos SkyWars this weekend and have an amazing time with friends!

10k players.jpg

Yesterday our Bedrock network reached over 10,000 players! So thanks to all of our Bedrock players for joining and supporting us! In celebration of this achievement, we're going to be hosting a giveaway on our Bedrock twitter later today. So keep an eye out! :D

10,000 Players.jpg

Thanks for reading, we hope you have an amazing time in Chaos SkyWars. Comment below your thoughts! Thanks :p
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Hello CubeCrafters!

Just over a year ago, we added some cool additions to our lobby, Lobby Games. These mini-games allow players to have fun whilst waiting or exploring in our lobbies. One of these mini-games is called "Chest Chaser". It involves a Hidden Chest being placed in a random location within the lobby. The first player to discover it and open it, wins some rewards! But now it's time for that little chest to get refreshed!

changes and improvements - compressed.jpg

We've made some tweaks to Chest Chaser. First, let's start with the current rewards, the amount of points has changed from 100-150 to 100-250. The amount of experience you obtain has changed from 200-300 to 200-500. And the quantity of Normal Cubelets you can win has been changed from 1-2 to 1-3.

Previously when a Hidden Chest hunt was active in a lobby you wouldn't be aware of it until the chat announcement appeared. Well now you don't need to wait, if you join a lobby and there is a Hidden Chest hunt currently active, you will receive an announcement message in the chat as you join. Another change includes the spawning times for the Hidden Chests. It will now appear between 5-45 minutes after the last time it was found.

new rewards  - compressed.jpg

Have you ever wanted more rewards? Of course you have! Along with increasing the amount of points and experience you obtain, we've added new rewards. As usual, there's a 100% chance you'll obtain a Cubelet, but now there's a 97% chance you'll get 1-3 Normal Cubelets, 2% chance of getting 1-2 Super Cubelets and an extremely rare 1% chance of getting an Uber Cubelet. We're also excited to announce that when a seasonal event occurs, Seasonal Cubelets will be added into the Hidden Chest.

With the rarely of the Uber Cubelets, you'd be happy to know that there's another set of extremely rare items to obtain. Introducing the exclusive...
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Hello CubeCrafters!

Have you ever felt the need to want to play our old maps? Well we're proud to announce that for one whole week, you can play some of our oldest EggWars and SkyWars maps! We asked the community for some map suggestions, on which ones should return, and we've taken some of them. Read below to find out if your old favourite maps were added back!

SkyWars and EggWars.jpg

SkyWars is one of the oldest games on CubeCraft, and many maps have been added and removed over the years. Now it's time for most of them to return in this nostalgia week event. We've added back 6 Team maps and 9 Solo maps! Enjoy!
Along with SkyWars, EggWars is one of CubeCrafts' biggest and most popular gamemodes. It also brings a lot of maps to our network, some of which needed to be removed to make room for new awesome maps. During this nostalgia event week, we've added back 3 Team maps for you to remember, play on and enjoy!

Area 51 - Team EggWars (Team of 3 - 24 players)
EggWars - Area 51.jpg
This area is restricted!

Vegetables - Team EggWars (Team of 2 - 16 players)
EggWars - Vegetables.jpg
Don't forget to eat your greens!

Minions - Team EggWars (Team of 4 - 16 players)
EggWars - Minions.jpg

Diet - Team SkyWars (Team of 2 - 24 players)
SkyWars - Diet.jpg
This map needs to go on a diet...

DNA - Team SkyWars (Team of 2 - 24 players)
SkyWars - DNA.jpg
I cannot change this map, it's in my DNA!...​