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Hello CubeCrafters,

Today we're happy to announce that we're releasing another 4 maps on our Bedrock network today! Lets have a look at the new maps:

Circuit - SkyWars Solo
Stay on track to win the game!

Golf - EggWars Solo
golf rz.jpg
Foooooooore CubeCraft

Greek - Survival Games
You may make a few ‘arch’ enemies here

Tropical - Survival Games
Only way to win is to ‘resort’ to violence!
Along with this, we have also been working really hard on targeting a lot of issues on the network, here is our changelog from the past few weeks:
  • Rolled out new Loot menu in the lobbies, allowing Pioneers to enable and disable features such as their prefix and cage.
  • Added new NPCs in the lobby for the Loot menu and Pioneer
  • Clicking on purpur blocks no longer causes them to change type
  • When a block is broken, it now shows block break particles
  • Added a whole load of sounds in games
  • Fixed Trap doors sometimes having awkward rotations
  • Fixed some cases of invisible entities
  • Chunk loading has been optimised with some fixes on chunk issues. We’re aware of some other chunk issues currently occurring as well, and we’re also looking into those.
  • Max render distance has been increased from 5 to 10 (we're planning on increasing this value more very soon)
  • Fix skins looking like you when you respawn in EggWars or die in SkyWars or Survival Games
  • New lobby join message
  • The loot menu is now in the second slot in your inventory so it is easier to access...
06-09-2018 - No Void.jpg

Hello CubeCrafters!

It's time to introduce a brand new Experiment for EggWars. Double Egg mode was the first taste of Experimental EggWars, but now it's time to up the Experimentation.

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Experimental EggWars
Double Egg mode added a cool and interesting twist to the game, as rather than breaking one egg, you'd need to break 2. So now lets change up how you play EggWars. You no longer need to be careful travelling from island to island, as the void has been completely removed! That's right, you heard correctly. But you're probably wondering, "What's EggWars without a void?". This Experiment opens up the chances for so many new challenges, strategies and gameplays.

Will you be a rusher or egg protector? This gamemode needs your team to be smart, strong and good and communication, because with one wrong decision, your egg and even your life will be eliminated. As the void has been removed, with added new risks, blockers and challenges. Such as Lava, walls and water. You didn't think we would make the map too easy did you?

As this Experiment opens up the opportunity for a lot different attacks and strategies. That leaves one question... how will you play? Will you rush to break other team eggs? Will you attack using the walls surrounding the maps? Or just simply use usual EggWars methods?

As the void has been removed, we've also increased the default levels that the Iron and Gold generators are on the starting islands. This is to help players protect their eggs and themselves fast. This Experiment comes with 2 brand new maps, Mario and Volcano. More will be...​
Minerware on Bedrock.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters!

Today MinerWare is now on our Bedrock Edition server! For one week only, it's available to Pioneer members only, which you can purchase from our CubeCraft Games Store when playing on our Bedrock server. MinerWare is a fun minigame which mixes multiple different microgames into one big game. You'll play a total of 15 microgames and 1 bossgame, the player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

We've brought over most of the microgames, bossgames and maps from our Java Edition network for you to enjoy on Bedrock. There's a total of 33 microgames to play, with the challenge of winning one of our 2 bossgames available. You can play all these games on one of our 10 amazing and beautiful maps.

Stand on Colour Microgame.

Hatch Chickens Microgame.

Explosive Bow Fight Microgame.

colour floor.png
Colour Floor Bossgame.

Mediterranean MinerWare Map.

Gladiator MinerWare Map.

We hope you really enjoy this update and play as much MinerWare and microgames as you want. Our Bedrock Edition team has also been hard at work fixing issues and improving our Bedrock Edition network over all. We're be updating and bringing over a lot more other games from our Java Edition network for you to play and enjoy! We do have Marketplace content which you can purchase on the Bedrock Edition client and check out here:
16-08-2018 - Plus Update and Sale.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters!

This week we're bringing you guys with brand new additions to our CubeCraft Plus subscription rank, and several network improvements and fixes!

There is currently a 50% OFF Summer Sale now on our Store, where you can grab yourself a lifetime Rank, some regular Cubelets and Multipliers. Check out our Store HERE.

CubeCraft Plus
A couple of months ago we launched our subscription rank, CubeCraft Plus. We've had many suggestions and additions we wanted to add to it. We've added 2 brand new features to the rank, many improvements and cool additions such as exclusive Plus only Loot and more default and colourful emotes.

Kill Messages:
We're excited to announce that Plus users will have custom kill messages. When a Plus user obtains a kill there is a chance that a custom kill message will appear, a random message is taken from the pool of multiple kill messages. The messages are split up into 4 sections, Melee, Bow, Explosion and Void. Have fun discovering some of the funny and wacky kill messages, below are just some examples.

Melee Plus Kill message.

Bow Plus Kill message.

Explosion Plus Kill message.

Auto AFK:

An AFK feature has been requested to us many times in the past, and we've finally added it to be a special feature for Plus users. If you ever want to inform your friends or other players that you're AFK, just have the auto AFK setting on (Inside lobby effect settings). After 3 minutes of being AFK you will get a title screen informing you're AFK, and if anyone friend messages you...