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Hello CubeCrafters!

Today we've released one of our largest updates for a while, Loot! There's so much to talk about, so let's get straight to the point!

We've completely changed how the Cubelet system works. There are now 3 tiers of Cubelet. Each tier drastically increases the chances of unlocking rarer items! Here's a brief look at the tiers:

:cubelet: Cubelet: A Cubelet is what we all know as a Cubelet. These have the lowest "worth", and you'll mostly find Common items inside these Cubelets. However despite the odds being low, you can still obtain Mythical items from these Cubelets!
:super_cubelet: Super Cubelet: This is the second tier of Cubelets, and inside these you're much more likely to get Rare and Uncommon items. It is impossible to find a Common item inside a Super Cubelet.
:uber_cubelet: Uber Cubelet: Now these Cubelets are Rare! They're very challenging to obtain through gameplay, however the rewards are awesome! Inside an Uber Cubelet, you're guaranteed to find at least a Rare item! This Cubelet also comes with a totally unique opening effect, which stands out from all the other effects!


Obtaining Cubelets :cubelet::super_cubelet::uber_cubelet:
Cubelets can be obtained from playing our games just like they always have been. However we've changed how we reward players with Cubelets. You no longer need to win games in order to find a Cubelet. There are many more factors that we take in to account such as previous games, the number of teams in the game that you're playing and more. Overall this makes the Cubelets that you get rewarded from playing games far fairer. Regular Cubelets are the only Cubelets that can be found in game at the moment.

Cubelets found in games expire after 2 weeks, make sure to open them or craft them in to higher tier Cubelets! :D...
We have just released a brand new Loot and Vanity system on the server!

This is a very large system and contains hundreds of pieces of content and pretty nifty features! We will have a full rundown of what we've done, how it works and a showcase of some of the awesome content we've created for you coming soon!

We are going to be closely monitoring and tweaking Loot over the next few days to ensure that everything is stable and of the utmost quality!

Where are my vanity points?
All your vanity points have been converted to new Cubelets.
Where are my old Cubelets?
All your old Cubelets have been converted to new Cubelets.
I have very few Cubelets now?
There are now several types of Cubelets available. Uber Cubelets, Super Cubelets and Normal Cubelets. It's no longer just about how many Cubelets you have, but what type they are as well.
So what exactly is new, what items are there, how do you get Cubelets?
I'm not going to give everything away now! You will need to wait for the full update changelog or discover for yourself ;)
My shield doesn't work??
When choosing your shield design in the Loot menu it applies for when you are in-game only (any shield you have in-game will have your chosen design).
That random arrow which was always in my inventory in lobbies is no longer there!

Good day CubeCrafters!

Today sees the release of our latest Minerware update, with new games, new achievements, new maps, and more! Get ready to tackle new challenges alongside some of your favourites, on both our new maps, and specially updated current maps.

We've devised 6 new fast paced Microgames for you and your friends to play. Each one has been created to test your reflexes, observation, or mental skills. Whether it be a classic or one of the new Microgames, let us know your favourite in the comments below.​
  • Drop Tower - Rush from floor to floor in a race to get to the bottom.​
  • Platform Plummet - Don't fall as the platform crumbles away beneath you.​
  • Find The Item - Search through chests of junk to find the item you need.​
  • Jump Rope - Jump over the ropes, well... lasers, as they sweep across the board.​
  • Colour Collection - Pick a colour from the walls in secret, then find out if you've picked a colour no one else has.​
  • Stepping Stones - Jump between the platforms as they appear in front and disappear behind you.​
[SPOILER="Click here to view "Stepping...

Hello CubeCrafters!

It's been a while since the last Arcade update, but we think the wait has been worth it. We're proud to announce 1 returning game and 1 NEW game!

Quake Craft
After a long wait and many requests from the community we're bringing it back, but even better than the last time! In this game your task is simple, you have to get the most kills in 3 minutes to win. You spawn in a random place on the map with a railgun, shoot players to instantly kill them.

Now you have 3 different quake game modes to play:

Classic mode
This is for players that like it simple or enjoyed our old Quake Craft.

One in the Chamber
If you want more of a challenge? Looking to improve your aim? Then this mode is for you! After spawning you will only get 1 bullet and missing your shot will mean you have to fight with your sword.Killing an an enemy will grant you 1 bullet. Stay alive at all costs because every time you die your respawn time increases by a second.

Always watch your back!

Powered Quake
A completely chaotic version of Classic Quake Craft. Power Ups spawn accross the map containing Potions such as Speed and Jump boosts, crazy railguns such as Machine Gun or Grenade launcher, and other helpful powerups such as Armour, Fast Reload or Shields.

Available Power Ups:
  • Speed - Gives you extra speed for 10 seconds.
  • Jump - Gives you jump boost for 15 seconds.
  • Fast Reload - Every gun will reload twice as fast for 15 seconds.
  • Shield - Equips in your off hand for 10 seconds and when blocking with it all projectiles coming in front of you will be reflected back (Holding a shield means that you can only shoot with left click).
  • Airstrike...