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CubeCraft Games


We're very excited to bring you part one of the Freebuild Update, Creative! We've worked very hard on making this the best creative experience possible (read on to find out about all the awesome features!) and we know you'll love it. Unlike your average creative server, our plots are floating islands in the sky, giving you your own private mini world to build on!

Before we start I'd just like to share the status of the other parts of Freebuild, Skyblock is confirmed and is coming however we have no plans or ETA on Factions at the moment. Now on to the awesome features of Creative!

Plot Themes and Sizes
Ever get bored of plain grass around your plot? We've got you covered with some cool plot themes! With the click of a button you can change the island holding your plot to desert, jungle, snowy, taiga or plain if you want to build your own theme!

Plot feeling a bit cramped? You can also use your points to upgrade your plot, all the way to 73 x 73 (and hopefully even bigger in the future!)

Puns of course courtesy of the wonderful @Efcluke94

Who wood-n’t want to build here


Testing the sands of time


If I had Tiger, it would be grrrrrreat


Welcome to the jungle! We got fun and games


Snow time to wait! Get building...

We are excited to announce that the CubeCraft team will be attending MINECON 2016 later this month in Anaheim California! We will be hosting two panels during the event, Game Design and Development with Minecraft as well as Building Communities from Bedrock Up. You can view a full schedule of events for MINECON HERE.

For those curious, the members of our team attending will be myself, @johncoles, @andyschofie, @Marco Slater, @rubik_cube_man, @Efcluke94 and @GingerGeek. A few of our staff team and devs will be there as well (including @Minikloon @CARDAN16 @CyanYellow and @Foodyling).

If you will be there, be sure to let us know. We're looking forward to hopefully meeting some of our awesome players!​

You can now connect to CubeCraft using 1.8 clients to play SkyWars and EggWars! You will need to connect using a 1.9 or 1.10 client to play our other games. The switch is automatic, all you need to do to access the 1.8 server is join with a 1.8 client.

This does NOT mean 1.9/1.10 SkyWars and EggWars are gone. Just connect with 1.9/1.10 to keep playing on those versions :)

To celebrate the return of 1.8 we are doing a storewide sale as well as an Obsidian rank giveaway on Twitter! You can enter the giveaway by retweeting THIS tweet and following us on Twitter if you don't already.​

We worked really hard on pushing Minecraft's boundaries and today I'm pleased to reveal the fruit of our efforts: Blockband.
It's the most advanced Minecraft rhythm game out there and is totally featured-packed!

The game features a stunning 25 songs across amateur and pro mode!


How to play

Step 1: Pick a song!

Step 2: Tap the note on your hotbar when it reaches the line!

The game doesn't have any main lobby. Instead, each player has their own lobby and can pick the song they wish to play when they want.


Blockband features 5 unlockable themes which you can unlock using Vanity Points.
Here are 3 of them as a preview.


Play in your natural habitat

Boom Rock

Go big or go home


Back to basics