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07-06-2018 - Battle Zone.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters,

This week we're bringing you another Battle Zone update and other general network improvements and fixes!

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Battle Zone
Battle Zone has been getting continuous additions each week, and this week we're proud to introduce new ways to kill or damage your enemies!

What would Battle Zone be without traps? It's time to bring in all the different ways to damage or even kill other players. Introducing traps! We've added 4 brand new trap like blocks to our game, each with their own reaction and purpose. Each trap has it's own custom design thanks to @StorySays to help you identify them from each other.

If you're the owner of the trap you'll see heart particles being emitted from it. You can identify if an area has a trap within it as small dark particles will surround the area. To destroy the trap all you need to do is mine it or shoot it a couple of times. There are 4 trap blocks currently, and they are all wall mounted. Poison, Fire, Electric and Wither. Each with it's own trigger radius and reaction.

The purpose of the trap blocks is to weaken, damage or even kill your enemies. If an enemy gets too close to your trap, it will activate and unload it's dangerous reaction onto them. To place a trap, place it on a wall til the red particles turn blue which tells you you're allow to place there. As soon as the trap is place small red particles will emit from it, which means that it's armed and ready for trapping!

Traps Image.jpg

31-05-2018 - Lucky Islands and Battle Zone.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters,

Are you feeling lucky? As this week we've released 2 updates. Battle Zone and a Lucky Islands map update.

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Battle Zone
It's that time of week again when we bring you another amazing Battle Zone update!

Rocket Launchers:
Battle Zone has recently added explosives, so now it's time to add more! Player requested we add Rocket Launchers, well now they're in Battle Zone! Rocket Launchers shoot extremely fast rockets which damage and destroy nearly anything in it's path. Each launcher has a clip size of 1, so requires a reload after each shot.

Player using the Rocket Launcher.


Resourcepack texture for the Grenade Launcher.

Death Messages:
Battle Zone now has unique weapon and situation death messages. If you shoot a player, their death message will now state that you shot them. If you blow a player up with a Grenade, Rocket Launcher or Egg Launcher their death message will state that you blown them up. Some of the death messages are completely mad and some are generic :D

One of the Grenade death messages.

adasdasd.jpg ...​
Reviving Update.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters,

This week we're bringing you another Battle Zone update and lots of other network improvements and fixes.

Battle Zone
Since Battle Zone has been released we've looked into many different ways to add weapons, defences and teamwork elements to the game. This week, we're happy to announce the implementation of teammate reviving, grenades, grenade launchers and of course another amazing map location!

Squad Reviving and Downing:
Ever since Squad mode was introduced many of you wanted the opportunity to be able to save your teammates before they are eliminated from the game, well now you can. When one of your teammates hits the 0 heart mark they will be downed and given 20 seconds of absorption hearts to have the chance to be revived. If your teammates cannot revive you in time then you'll bleed to death and will be fully eliminated. You can also receive damage when you're down as well.

It takes 8 seconds to fully revive a player. After being revived you'll get a full row of hearts back. If a player takes a lot of damage before dying, they will not have the opportunity to be revived, for example if you've taken a shotgun to the face or you're on 2 hearts and you fall from a high place. If you're the only player left on your team, you will not be able to be revived as no one can revive you.

Reviving a teammate.

Grenades and Grenade Launchers:

It's about time we had some explosives added into Battle Zone. Introducing Grenades and Grenade Launchers! Grenades are rare types of explosives which you can find inside loot chests. Simply throw the projectile at an enemy and it will start ticking down until its fuse...
17-05-2018 - Parkour and Battle Zone.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters,

Today we're bringing you another 2 updates. This week we've released a Battle Zone update introducing features to help improve gameplay, along with an update for Parkour bringing more challenges, experience and achievements.

Battle Zone
Battle Zone has been given so many suggestions for new ideas and features and we've been looking through all of them. This week we will feature some of them.

Official Resourcepack:
With the number of weapons available in the game it's not surprising that many of you requested for an Official Battle Zone resource pack and we're happy to say it's here! @StorySays has been working hard on creating a resource pack which is completely optional and available to download within the Battle Zone lobby. If you're excited for the 2D version of our resource pack, you'd be happy to know that we're working on a 3D version as we type. When released, you'll be able to choose between a Fast or Fancy version of the resource pack, to best fit your computers abilities. :p

Resource Pack.png
Content within the Resourcepack.
The resource pack contains textures for weapons, ammo as well as the wonderful build tool. If you're ever confused which item is which, then this is ideal for you! It's so much easier to find the item you're looking for.

Players holding resourcepack weapons.
To get hold of the resource pack, head to the armour stand to the left of the game armour stands in the Battle Zone lobby. Click the armour stand and press the green button. Boom! You've got our shiny new resource pack.

Resourcepack armourstand.
Ammo Sharing:...