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Awesome Skyblock Update!

Hello Skyblock CubeCrafters!

It's time for another Skyblock update. Since Skyblock has been released, we've been sorting through a lot of Skyblock suggestions, and in this update, we've decided to add some! If you want to learn more about this epic update, read below!

Ability to move Villager shops

The Shop Villagers on every island can be very useful, but sometimes they get in the way. Which is why we've added the ability to move them! This was a community desired suggestion. If you click on your villager, you can dismantle it by clicking on the Villager Spawn Egg in the bottom left of the screen.

Locating the Dismantle Shop button.
There must always be at least one Villager in your world. As for the rest of them, well, that's up to you what you do with them! Fancy only having one Villager in the world? Go right ahead! Want them all in the same area? Knock yourself out! You can't place Villagers too close to other Villagers though, so you might need to do some careful planning. If you look at the image below, this shows you how far they can be from each other, and the barriers indicate where you can't place blocks.

Dismantling and placing a Shop Villager.

Reference to villager distances and where you can't place blocks.

Kicking players from profiles

Since the release of Skyblock, we've been listening to all of your suggestions. One of the biggest suggestions you've made is having the ability to kick a player from your profile. Well, now is your time to shine and kick all the players you want from your profile!

Kicking a player from...
Sixteen years in one week!

Hi there,

We have been so excited for you all to join us on our Skyblock adventure!
Thank you so much for all of your feedback, videos, memes, screenshots and suggestions.
In the past week you have played sixteen years of Skyblock!

I wanted to drop in and give you all a quick update of what we've been up to and also some numbers about what you have all been up to on Skyblock.

The past week has been spent fixing up some bugs we found as well as continuing to add new quests!

Credit: @Riley - Humble beginnings?

New features

  • ADDED: Quests in the final two overworld islands
  • ADDED: More side quests on the Jungle island
  • ADDED: More items added to the shop (such as cookies, leather boots and melon seeds)
Balance changes and other tweaks

  • CHANGED: Nerfed Eggcellent Recipe egg requirement from 50 to 16
  • CHANGED: Various bits and bobs of main quest tree balancing
  • CHANGED: Various odds and ends of side quest tree balancing
  • CHANGED: Increased the item limit per dimension
  • CHANGED: Add commas in the formatting of coin values in the shops
Credit: @Blocky

Bug fixes

  • FIXED: The tag NEW being used in the quest completed message if you had not viewed that quest before.
  • FIXED: Item Pickup quests are now progressed whenever a hopper picks up an item.
  • FIXED: Flashing text above Skyblock Shop would show “1 New Quests”.
  • FIXED: Being able to invite a player to a profile and...
We are back with a release on our Java network! We've been hard at work for over 8 months working on a game that we're super proud of and are so excited to show you. Let's get right into to it:


Heard of this before? It's been around since the early days of Minecraft and (for the CubeCraft veterans amongst you) our own server! Skyblock is the ultimate challenge map: you begin with limited resources available to you, with the goal of expanding your land, farming mobs, building up stacks of resources and trying to avoid the void!

How do I join Skyblock?

We're currently releasing Skyblock exclusively on our Java 1.9+ network. Our plans for Skyblock are pretty ambitious and won't be compatible with the older game versions, so Skyblock won't be coming to 1.8.

A version for Bedrock may be coming in the future so make sure to follow our Twitter accounts (@cubecraftgames and @cubecraftpocket).

Once you're on our 1.9+ Java network you'll see the new Skyblock NPC in the main lobby. Hit them to join. During release we will have a player limit to manage capacity, if you have purchased a rank you will get priority access.

How to join Skyblock!

Introducing: Islands

We've broken our Skyblock game in to unlockable islands. As you progress through the game you'll unlock new islands and dimensions (more on that later). To start with you'll be on the Oak Forest island. Here you'll farm Beetroots, gather Oak wood and get your first cobblestone generators.

We wanted to improve the balancing and progression compared to the vanilla Skyblock experience. To do this we've...
Thread banner - c.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters and Happy Valentine's!

Whilst we're still very busy and most of our time is dedicated to our "untitled survival in the sky game", we cannot forget about this loving event. Rather than forgetting about Valentine's day, we've added back our Valentine's maps on both our Java AND our Bedrock network! Read below to learn more about this mini update!

Team EggWars - Love
Will you destroy someone's egg this Valentine's?

Solo SkyWars - Valentine's
Them Swans make a cute couple...


How can we have a seasonal event without a sale? To celebrate, we've just activated a Valentine's sale on our store!
You can get 30% OFF Ranks and 40% OFF Point Multipliers, Cubelets, Packs and our Space Bundle!
But hurry! This sale doesn't last forever! <3

You can visit our Store here:

Also, we've added back our Valentine's Miniature pack. Which if you purchase one, you get to GIFT one to your significant other! Can you purchase it HERE!

miniatures (Compressed).jpg
Valentine's Miniature Pack


With this lovely update, we're also hosting some competitions for you to enter and have the chance to win some epic prizes. If you're good at making artwork or awesome at taking ingame selfies, then these competitions are the ones for you! Enter now!
Check out the Art competition >
Check out the Selfie competition >

We hope you enjoy this mini...