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Welcome to this months Cube Craft Games Update. In this episode we discuss the news that we're no longer supporting PayPal, the possibility of a real merchandise store coming and a special coupon for viewers.

After a long talk internally we decided that we're no longer going to be supporting PayPal as a method of payment on our digital store. This is mainly due to issues out of our control at PayPal. Any purchases that were made using PayPal before we stopped supporting it are still valid and if you have any issues with them please feel free to email with details such as your transaction ID.

We hope that you like our new partnership with Stripe who provide us as merchants and you as customers a much better service. We look forward to hearing from you and again if you have any issues please contact us on

Thank you,
John Coles
(Evil Overlord)
Proud to announce some more Halloween maps, which have been added to the server. Hope you enjoy!

Halloween Hub
The hub has finally had a change..

TnT Run: Haunted
Run, run as fast as you can, can't catch me I'm the gi... Skeleton man?

Skywars: Scare
Be scare-d..
Hey, so to get Cubecrafter's into the Halloween spirit, the team has decided to release a spooky Halloween themed PvP map, which will replace the outdated Xmas one in Kit PvP 1. Kit PvP 1 will now be dedicated as the holiday themed PvP, each season, we will release a festive map. In addition I will be hosting a Halloween build comp, a chance for players to win ranks!

Kit PvP 1
by: Efcluke94
Trick or retreat, because people will hear the sound of your heartbeat!! Mwahahahahahahahahaha, RUN

Halloween Build Competition
Link to all the info of how to enter and win:
May the best ghoul or zombel win!!
Hey, so I thought I'd highlight some of the hidden heroes of the server for putting lots of effort in helping updating certain parts of the server. Kit PvP 2 and Parkour has undergone a lot of change the past month(s). Hope you enjoy it as much as me :)

@OrangeGrapeEater has updated PvP

Kit PvP 2:
  • Added Rewards
  • Added 1 vs 1 arena
  • Added hidden Easter Eggs
  • Added Drop Party area
  • Added Parkour PvP arena - Link to original post

@Minimooseha (AKA Hallucinated) and @Lukey_Dude has updated Parkour

  • Added a new Adventure map
  • Added numerous new categories - over 20
  • Added numerous parkours - over 40 - Link to original post