CubeCraft Games

Hello CubeCrafters,

Today I would like to announce the release of CubeCraft, version 2.1. We have been working very hard to develop, build, and test everything in the update. Here is a list of everything we have added (warning: long)

Completing achievements gives you rewards, the harder the achievement, the more you gain from doing it.

The achievements menu, can be found in challenges menu

Super craft bros achievements


Challenges are like achievements however, are randomly generated every day, which means that you have a limited time to complete the challenge. Completing a challenge, like an achievement, will reward you with the specified reward.

Daily challenges menu, can be found the challenges menu

Experience System

The new experience system is a new way of tracking how well you are doing on Cube Craft Games, and every time you get enough experience you will level up to the next level. Higher levels unlock features.

Vanity menu upgrade

The vanity menu has been redone. The new menu allows us to add features much quicker, and easier. The new menu also comes with new categories, Hats, Win effects. Experience levels that I explained earlier can be used to unlock features in the vanity menu. Some of the old features have been removed due to being too difficult to support in upcoming updates. Sorry.

The news hats in the vanity menu

Our new win effects, more coming soon!


Cubelets are the new way of us rewarding you for playing. If you win a game, there is a chance that you will find a Cubelet at the end. The chance of this is effected by the length of the game. Cubelets can also be gained other ways for example completing challenges or achievements.
Inside Cubelets you can find...
Hello Cube Crafters!

So a lot of people have recently been asking to see our setup for the livestreams we do. So the other day the management team (John, Joe, Marco, Luke & Luke) finally all met up in person and we decided to record a video of our offices. You can see the video below.

What do you guys think about our setup?


It's official!

Myself, @rubik_cube_man and @Marco Slater (halothe23) will be attending Minecon 2015.

I hope that those of you who are going will try and find us as we would love to meet you. We're going to be posting updates on our plans and whilst we're at Minecon on a special website ( which will all be revealed soon.

More news to follow. Congratulations to those who got their tickets today, and good luck to those trying tomorrow!

Hello CubeCrafters,

Today I would like to announce the release of our new game Team SkyWars! Team SkyWars is like normal SkyWars, however you have to work as a team, gathering resources, and attacking the other teams! Tactics and communication between your team is vital to ensure your teams survival and that you win the game. There is also a whole new selection of kits, stats and maps, added to make the game even more of a challenge.

To play, use the compass and join Team SkyWars, marked as wheat. When you are in the new lobby, feel free to join a game using the signs on the left and right of the spawn point. When in a game, you can select a kit using the paper. Kits can be purchased in the Team SkyWars lobby. To change your team, so that you can play with your friends, click the nether star, and click the name of the team that you wish to join.

Team killing is against the rules. You help and support your team. The plugin currently stops players from burning teammates, and also spleefing (That’s breaking blocks below a player) them while they are bridging. If you are caught team killing, this may result in a temporary ban.

Last week, we also reached 10,000 players! That is a lot of players. We here at the staff team would like to thank all CubeCrafters for allowing us to reach such high player record! Since then, we have already smashed our way through 10,000 and are on our journey to infinity and beyond!
(Couldn’t get it perfect, it was changing too much)

Any bugs you find, please post in the bug reports section on the forum.