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CubeCraft Games


It's official!

Myself, @rubik_cube_man and @Marco Slater (halothe23) will be attending Minecon 2015.

I hope that those of you who are going will try and find us as we would love to meet you. We're going to be posting updates on our plans and whilst we're at Minecon on a special website (https://minecon.ccgn.co/) which will all be revealed soon.

More news to follow. Congratulations to those who got their tickets today, and good luck to those trying tomorrow!

Hello CubeCrafters,

Today I would like to announce the release of our new game Team SkyWars! Team SkyWars is like normal SkyWars, however you have to work as a team, gathering resources, and attacking the other teams! Tactics and communication between your team is vital to ensure your teams survival and that you win the game. There is also a whole new selection of kits, stats and maps, added to make the game even more of a challenge.

To play, use the compass and join Team SkyWars, marked as wheat. When you are in the new lobby, feel free to join a game using the signs on the left and right of the spawn point. When in a game, you can select a kit using the paper. Kits can be purchased in the Team SkyWars lobby. To change your team, so that you can play with your friends, click the nether star, and click the name of the team that you wish to join.

Team killing is against the rules. You help and support your team. The plugin currently stops players from burning teammates, and also spleefing (That’s breaking blocks below a player) them while they are bridging. If you are caught team killing, this may result in a temporary ban.

Last week, we also reached 10,000 players! That is a lot of players. We here at the staff team would like to thank all CubeCrafters for allowing us to reach such high player record! Since then, we have already smashed our way through 10,000 and are on our journey to infinity and beyond!
(Couldn’t get it perfect, it was changing too much)

Any bugs you find, please post in the bug reports section on the forum.

Hi CubeCrafters,

A lot of you have been confused lately on how well we support name changing on our server, and whether you should do it or not.

The good news is, tomorrow (Feb 4th) you can change your name, because we are compatible with name changing, ranks, points and more will stay the same if you change your name. (And banned/muted people will stay banned/muted.)

There are just a few servers that have not achieved compatibility with name-changing due to plugin/management related issues. The servers not compatible with name changing are the following:

- Creative
- Factions
- SkyBlock

Unfortunately due to their size and the way they work, they're not compatible with name changing yet. So if you change your name, expect to lose your plot/faction/skyblock island.

We're working to make sure they will be compatible as soon as possible, but due to their size and in how they run, we can't give you an estimate of how much longer it will take us.

EDIT: Name changing takes a little bit to go through, so if you just changed your name and you're missing ranks/points or anything else, try logging in again after a few hours have passed.

That's all on that subject, have fun! :)
Hello everyone, hope your having a great New Year so far! Cubecraft is having a kickass New Year, surpassed a whopping, 8000 players!! How else do we celebrate? More Skywars maps of course, and a few other new maps, to keep the server as fresh and exciting as possible.


- Reached 8174 players!
- Added over 180 Game servers
- Surpassed 1TB total RAM assigned to minecraft servers in CCG
- Lobbies setting menu now offers to vanish for other players, for staff and youtubers.
- Lobby menu now shows a diamond as the lobby you are in, making it easy to find it without having to hover over every lobby.
- Skywars chat is completely disabled from the game being available to the game starting, which stops all the spam for OP or non OP chests, and teaming setups.
- /colour in parkour should be fixed.
- Added a new compass in Skywars to teleport around players, also added a new star at the end of the game that you can click to leave.
- And moreee


Skywars: Galaxy
by: @TlmeLord and @SunshineChick
Look's as beautiful as the Chocolate bar, not talking about the Milky way...

Skywars: Snakes
by: @TlmeLord and @SunshineChick
If Harry Potter liked Skywars, he'd be Slytherin

TnT Run: Mars
by: @Efcluke94 and assisted by some community builds
This map be outta this world

QuakeCraft: Scarlet
by: @SunshineChick
Packed with action, like .... Johansson