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Hello CubeCrafters!

Today we've done another stream, for the good of mind. A charity supporting people with mental health issues. We're working hard to reach our target of £20,000, and so as we've stated before. All in-game purchases on Saturdays (GMT+1) will go directly to Mind. Don't feel afraid to upgrade your rank later today, or next weekend.
You can directly help Mind on our donation page at


And also we have a new game what we would like to announce!

Walls without glow.png


Money walls is a new tactical game, including mob and player battles.
The aim is to defend your wither. This can be done with resources from the shop. To get the money however is not so easy. There are generators located round your base, which can be found by following the trails on the floor. These however are defended by monsters, who refuse to let players get their hands on their money. As you get to better generators, the amount of monsters defending them becomes a lot higher, and therefore more of a challenge.
There are 4 types of generators, iron is the default. Gold can get fixed, using iron and diamond can be fixed using gold. The odd one out is the emerald generator, this one is not defended by zombies, however is located in the middle of the map, so only accessible for when the walls fall. These will be the hardest to get, as other players will be competing to get these resources as well.
There is so much stuff to do in this game, and the full experience of it only comes out when you've played it, so I'm not going to keep you here forever! Go play!

For those of you who want to see the epic maps:

Lobby 'Water' you waiting for, hurry up and join!

Pre Lobby 'Dam' all this...
Howdy CubeCrafters,

Hello! I am the new Developer here CubeCraft and have been doing loads of behinds the scenes stuff to allow for awesome stuff in the future!

Today I am pleased to announce the launch of the CubeCraft Junior Developer program. the CubeCraft Helper Program and the reopening of applications for the CubeCraft Build Team!

If you submit more than one application per position, you will be automagically denied!

Junior Development Program
We're growing our development team! If you are a developer who already has some experience and wants to develop their portfolio, learn new things and create amazing stuff here at CubeCraft then read on!
We're looking for developers who already have some experience, you may have created a few basic (or advanced!) bukkit plugins and are wanting to learn more. Alternatively you may already be a proficient Java developer and want to get into Bukkit development. As part of the Junior Development Program we are setting up loads of great opportunities for you, including talks from amazing developers within the Minecraft Community. You will receive regular checkups and feedback from myself and Luke about your progress and there is even the possibility that you could become a full on CubeCraft developer at the end of it!

Applications for the Junior Development Program will be open for around a week, successful candidates will then be contacted and given a task. Those who do well at the task and who we think would make good junior developers will then be given interviews!

If you are interested in the Junior Development Program, please fill in this form.
If you have any questions about the Junior Development Program, it will probably be best if message me on the forums.

Helper Applications
This is the application page for a helper...
News New Maps
Hello CubeCrafters,
There is lots of cool new map's coming today, this is just the start. So many more great maps coming this month, keep playing, and have fun!

Storm 'Weather' or not you've been waiting, this 'Storm' will rock your boat
Eggwars - Storm.jpeg
Atlantis Up in the sky, not in the 'sea'
Skywars - Atlantis.jpeg
Tower Defenders
Dino This is going to be 'rawr'some
TDef Dino.jpeg
Oriental This is a beaut
Paintball - China.jpeg
End This is the 'End' of the puns now

Build/bug fixes:

- SCB has barrier protection
- Arcade lobby has huge update - SG has had block fixes, also enchanting table has been added to desert
- HNS village map exploit fixed

Forum thread's of the week:(whenever I make a news thread :p)

Don't forget, we're raising money for charity: :fantamug:

Summer Update - Week 2.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters!

Yesterday, we did another stream for the good of Mind, a charity supporting people who have mental health issues. We've currently raised a huge £3500 of our target. If you wish to help us reach our goal of £20,000 please visit Every little bit helps, as we don't make any money from this, as 100% of donations on this website go towards mind!
Here at CubeCraft we care about our community, and we know lots of people who are part of the community that have suffered from mental health issues. We're here to make sure that no-one feels alone, and people get the support they need.
We would like to give a shoutout to the people who have currently donated to Mind, though our donation page:
- SevereW
- Karl C
- Matt

If you would like a shoutout donate on our donation page, listed above.
Thanks for all the support so far.


Also, we have a new game to announce...

Build Wars.jpg

BuildWars is a competitive building game that has recently been highly requested throughout our community.
The objective of the game is to build a creation that matches the given theme. You have 5 minutes to build it and after this time has run out, you get to vote on who's creation you think is best!
I would also like to announce that there is a new language system build into the BuildWars plugin, translating some of the basic messages, so that not everything is English. I would like to especially thank @Tacosbefriends @TheAdventurerMM and @Compulsivo for translating everything into Dutch and Spanish. We also support pirate as a language for some of the themes and messages. If you wish try it out feel free! Your language is determined by the language that you have set in your Minecraft client!
There are over 100 themes and tons of...