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Hello CubeCrafters!

It's time to reintroduce one of our funniest games, Battle Zone! Removed in our Big Change Update, it was missed along with many of our other gamemodes. But today, we're adding it back onto our network as a featured game. Battle Zone will be hosted as the featured game for 6 days, then will resume the standard featured game generation. Battle Zone will have the ability to be hosted again when the generator chooses it to be. It will also be added to the featured game voting.

If you want to learn more about Battle Zone, feel free to thread any of the update threads below:
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2. CLICK HERE - Squad Mode!
3. CLICK HERE - Battle Zone Update!
4. CLICK HERE - Battle Zone Epic Update
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6. CLICK HERE - Awesome Battle Zone Update: Traps, Miniguns + More!
7. CLICK HERE - Battle Zone Update!

Battle Zone has had some changes! It's now a 32 player game, with 8 teams of 4, Squad goals! We've fixed some bugs with backpacks, grenades, inventory and added improvements to chunk loading. We've have also...
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Hello CubeCrafters!

It's that time again, we've decided to add back some of our oldest and classic SkyWars and EggWars maps! So get on your nostalgic boots, but you're going to be up to your knees in the memories. A total of 18 maps have returned for you to play and enjoy your CubeCraft experience on.

For two whole weeks, you'll be able to play these old maps on both of 1.8 and 1.9 networks. The event lasts from 10th - 24th September.

Area 51 - Team EggWars (Team of 3 - 24 players)
EggWars - Area 51.jpg
This area is restricted!

Vegetables - Team EggWars (Team of 2 - 16 players)
EggWars - Vegetables.jpg
Don't forget to eat your greens!

Minions - Team EggWars (Team of 4 - 16 players)
EggWars - Minions.jpg

Diet - Team SkyWars (Team of 2 - 24 players)
SkyWars - Diet.jpg
This map needs to go on a diet...

DNA - Team SkyWars (Team of 2 - 24 players)
SkyWars - DNA.jpg
I cannot change this map, it's in my DNA!

Tetris - Team SkyWars (Team of 3 - 36 players)
SkyWars - Tetris.jpg
It's not the easiest game on CubeCraft...

Evacuate - Team SkyWars (Team of 4 - 32 players)
SkyWars - Evacuate.jpg
Get out! Run!

Elements - Team SkyWars (Team of 10 - 40 players)
SkyWars - Elements.jpg
Fire, Wind, Water and Earth, all of these ingredients, to make a perfect sandwich...

Modern - Team SkyWars (Team of 5 - 40 players)
SkyWars - Modern.jpg
This map isn't old fashioned...

Angelic - Solo SkyWars...​
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Hello CubeCrafters!

Last month we asked you guys for kill messages and emote suggestions, we've been sifting through them and collected the best ones. Within this mini loot update, we've added new emotes, kill messages, rank specific loot and changed Plus kill messages in FFA. We've also added a BRAND NEW loot item, Egg Break Messages! Exclusive to EggWars, you'll be able to have a unique egg break message to show off!

egg break messages.jpg

Have you ever wanted to break someones egg in EggWars and have something different appear in the chat, instead of the default boring egg break message? Well we've just released new egg break messages to the network! There's support for over 70 egg break messages. There are 3 ways to obtain these custom and unique egg break messages. From Cubelets, Ranks or from our virtual store!

Examples of egg break messages from Rank upgrades:
  • cubecraft_1 used their magical powers and made Yellow team's egg disappear!
  • cubecraft_1 Hulk smashed Yellow team's egg.
  • cubecraft_1 completely destroyed Yellow team's egg!
  • cubecraft_1 gave Yellow team's egg the L.
Examples of egg break messages from Cubelets:
  • cubecraft_1 UwU'ed Yellow team's egg!
  • cubecraft_1 yeeted Yellow team's egg off a cliff.
  • cubecraft_1 sat on Yellow team's egg and made it crack
  • cubecraft_1 did a flip on Yellow team's egg and crushed it.
  • cubecraft_1 360 no-scoped Yellow team's egg!
  • cubecraft_1 legit just went up to Yellow team's egg and broke it...

Examples of egg break messages from the Pun Pack:
  • cubecraft_1 did an eggcelent job...
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Hello there!

We've been busy working on this for a while but here's a look at all the updates we just released for SkyWars on Bedrock!

SkyWars Teams of 2.png

You guys really let us know that you wanted teams of 2... So here it is. Now you can team up with another player and battle 7 other teams in a fight to be victorious. What's a new game option without maps? Here's a look at our first teams of 2 maps:

Fruit is healthy... but this map doesn't count towards your daily intake... :confused1:

Paint.jpg Art, Bart, Cart, Dart, Eart, ???? :oops:

Somewhere over the rainbow...
Gravestones and Chest Skins.png

Gravestones are a completely new feature that we're bringing to SkyWars. If a player dies (above the void) they'll drop a gravestone at their current location, rather than just dropping all their items on the floor. This makes managing your inventory easier when picking up all the items from the other player. If you do prefer the old way of the items dropping on to the floor, you can just break the gravestone they'll pop out.

We're releasing this feature with 6 gravestone designs. All players will have the default gravestone and the others are available in our new SkyWars Bundle... SPOILERS!


We're also releasing a new kind of cosmetic for SkyWars. Many of you know and love our egg skins in EggWars and we wanted to bring some cool looking vanity in to SkyWars. Introducing Chest Skins! Chest skins change the look of your chests to all players and add some extra colour to your starting island. In case you're wondering, yes they do animate as well! Chest skins are currently available in the SkyWars Bundle with more planned to be made available through our in-game store (as with...