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Hello CubeCrafters!

This week we're bringing you guys with brand new additions to our CubeCraft Plus subscription rank, and several network improvements and fixes!

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CubeCraft Plus
A couple of months ago we launched our subscription rank, CubeCraft Plus. We've had many suggestions and additions we wanted to add to it. We've added 2 brand new features to the rank, many improvements and cool additions such as exclusive Plus only Loot and more default and colourful emotes.

Kill Messages:
We're excited to announce that Plus users will have custom kill messages. When a Plus user obtains a kill there is a chance that a custom kill message will appear, a random message is taken from the pool of multiple kill messages. The messages are split up into 4 sections, Melee, Bow, Explosion and Void. Have fun discovering some of the funny and wacky kill messages, below are just some examples.

Melee Plus Kill message.

Bow Plus Kill message.

Explosion Plus Kill message.

Auto AFK:

An AFK feature has been requested to us many times in the past, and we've finally added it to be a special feature for Plus users. If you ever want to inform your friends or other players that you're AFK, just have the auto AFK setting on (Inside lobby effect settings). After 3 minutes of being AFK you will get a title screen informing you're AFK, and if anyone friend messages you...
Hello CubeCrafters!

Today we've released our awesome Summer content onto our Bedrock Server! Explore our awesome Summer lobby, and play on some fancy new maps, with a new EXCLUSIVE EggWars map to Bedrock Minecraft.

2018 Summer Hub

Desert - EggWars Solo map
Eggclusive map only available on bedrock!

Sandcastle - SkyWars Solo

General Network Improvements and Fixes
We've been busy patching and improving our network! Here's a list of a few of the bugs we've squashed over the past few weeks:
  • Fixed arrows being invisible
  • Fixed settings not saving
  • When you break a block that you're not supposed to break, sometimes it went invisible
  • Better distribution of players over games, so they don't fill up too fast :confused1:
  • Block placements being cancelled if you place a block that's very far away
  • Eating now works 100% of the time
  • Fixed some items not stacking in EggWars
  • Sometimes colours in menus vanished
  • Equipping a helmet puts it on your head now, and not your feet
  • Fixed clicking on buttons in menus not doing anything
  • Performance/stability improvements

We've recently released a new skin pack on the Marketplace, Music! Check it out HERE!


If you would like to check out our other content for the Marketplace, click HERE!
Lucky Islands - 1.8.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters!

This week we're bringing you a another game now supported for 1.8 and lots of general fixes and improvements.

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Lucky Islands 1.8
It's time to bring the luck to our 1.8 network. Lucky Islands is now 100% supported on our 1.8 network, bringing all it's wands, lucky blocks, kits and maps along with it. Tired of needing to charge up your weapon before attacking? You won't any longer, just join our Lucky Islands on 1.8.

Lucky Islands PvP... 1.8 style.
General Network Improvements and Fixes
We have also released a lot of general improvements and fixes to our network, which include:

- Added support for tab complete on 1.13
- Fixed an issue with emotes not getting removed from the player after their Plus rank expires.

Main lobby:
- Fixed an issue with players not obtaining the correct reward from Summer beachball hunt.
- Fixed an issue with relic and hidden chest locations appearing under structures or inside buildings.

Lucky Islands:
- Added 1.13 support for the resourcepack.
- Fixed an issue with the Team 4 cages on Bucket were in the wrong location.

- Fixed an issue with 2 players appearing in the same cage on Sandbox.

Battle Zone:
- Added 1.13 support for the resourcepack.

We hope you enjoy playing Lucky Islands on 1.8. We'd love your feedback.
20-07-2018 - Summer Release and 1.13.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters!

It's that hot and sunny time of year again, summer. Here at CubeCraft we celebrate summer on a huge scale, offering so much new content for you to obtain and try out. This update brings new maps, new Cubelets and loot and even an awesome sale!

Summer Sale
What would summer be without a sale? Boring I guess... but not here! Available on our Store now, there's 50% OFF EVERYTHING. From Lifetime Ranks and Regular Cubelets to Multipliers and Merch, all prices have been halved. So if you want a hot new rank or some super Cubelets, head over to our Store now! Click HERE to visit our Store.

Summer Cubelets + Loot
If you thought this update couldn't get any better, let me tell you about our NEW and EXCLUSIVE Summer Cubelets and Loot! There's over 61 Summer items contained inside Summer Cubelets for you to unlock and obtain. You can purchase Summer Cubelets HERE or find them ingame, there's a 45% chance for you to win a Summer Cubelet in our games. They are only obtainable during the summer period, and they cannot contain duplicate items. If you join our server today, you'll get a FREE Summer Cubelet!

Here's what the Summer Cubelets offer:
Gadgets: 4
Shields: 4
Trails: 7
Cages: 7
Wardrobe: 12 (3 full wardrobe sets - All animated)
Miniatures: 3
Win effects: 5
Arrow trails: 4
Standard hats: 10
Animated hats: 5

There's a chance for you to unlock a throwable and kickable Football gadget, Octopus wardrobe set, Surfboard trail, Wave cage, spinning fish win effect and much more! Also, today if you purchase 3, 5 or 10 Summer Cubelets, you'll unlock 1-3 of the EXCLUSIVE summer miniatures, including a...